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SUPERPLASTIC, Paris Hilton, Iann Dior & Kidsuper Are Trippin’ on NFTs




A good NFT drop is all about who you know and what you do with ’em. SUPERPLASTIC apparently knows everyone because it’s bringing everyone from Paris Hilton to Iann Dior in for a collaborative NFT spree dubbed “HEADTRIPZ.”

NFTs are a pretty easy fit for SUPERPLASTIC, which is perhaps best known for creating digital characters.

SUPERPLASTIC’s most famous creations include Janky and Guggimon, who inspired the company’s line of popular art toys (recent collaborators include the Gorillaz and J.Balvin).

“HEADTRIPZ,” which launches January 18 on SUPERPLASTIC’s website, is the second iteration of SUPERPLASTIC’s high-powered NFT drops.

The first edition, Summer 2021’s The Janky Heist, was partially hosted by Christie’s and offered a whopping 9,200 unique digital collectibles — bidding peaked at $52,500.

Still, The Janky Heist‘s massive drop looks like child’s play stacked up against 10,000 “unique programmatically generated [“HEADTRIPZ”] NFTs” based off designs provided by famous friends that include the aforementioned celebs, rapper E40, artist GUCCIGHOST, and Diplomats member Jim Jones.

SUPERPLASTIC also brought on artists like SSUR, Jeff Soto, OG Slick, and Sentrock to lend their talents to “HEADTRIPZ,” ensuring that the ensuing deluge of NFTs was amply distinct, tweaking Janky and Guggimon’s profiles to their whim.

So there are some big names and unique art involved. What’s the hook?

“HEADTRIPZ is all about creating an NFT drop that’s never static,” Paul Budnitz, SUPERPLASTIC founder and CEO, explained to Highsnobiety. “You start out with one NFT, we airdrop you another, then you burn 5 of others to get an even crazier one. It’s a new genre of artwork that exists through time, and in time, all at once.”

“HEADTRIPZ” kicks off on January 18 at 4:20 p.m. ET (weed number) with all Cryptojankyz oweners being airdropped Headtripz Pillz NFTs that can then be burned on January 20 to create trans-dimensional NFTs or held, depending on rarity (there are three scarcity tiers).

Pretty complex if you aren’t already hip to the many mutations of NFT minting but, if you’re a SUPERPLASTIC fan, it’s a good time to learn — the company has much more in-store, including that SUPERPLASTIC x Gucci collaboration and a Bored Ape Yacht Club team-up.

“We’re super pumped to be collaborating with some of the most exciting names across the worlds of art, fashion and music,” Budnitz continued.

“Our SUPERPLASTIC day ones know that with any release they can count on seeing some of the coolest designs from cutting edge artists. That’s the approach we’ve always followed and our NFT drops are no different.”

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Salomon, Master of Colors, Goes Monochrome for SS22




Brand: Salomon

Model: XT-6 ADV and XT-Wings 2 ADV

Release Date: Available now

Price: $160 (XT-Wings 2) / $200 (XT-4)

Buy: Highsnobiety Shop

What We’re Saying: Salomon is usually the brand with the most interesting and on-point seasonal colorways, especially on its ADV line of sneakers. For Spring Summer 2022, however, the outdoors brand has given two of its most popular silhouettes a monochrome makeover.

The XT-Wings 2 ADV and the XT-6 ADV arrive in triple black and triple white colorways. The absence of color in no ways detracts from the silhouettes’ greatness. If anything, it makes them even more wearable, slotting into anyone’s rotation with ease.

If the weather is bad, opt for the triple black colorways, as they’ll look fresher for longer, while the triple white XT-6 is definitely one for the summer. Take a look at both colorways above and then shop them below.

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Slam Jam Just Collaborated With a ’70s Band You Should Know About




“The more technology you have, the more primitive you can be. With synthesizers, you can express guttural sounds, bird noises, brain waves, blood flow…” That’s how Devo explained their ‘devolutionary’ music process in the late ‘70s. The band’s avant-garde takes and satirical warnings of devolution feel more relevant now than ever, and the Slam Jam x Devo collection proves it.

Much like Devo’s free-thinking, unique approach to their art, Slam Jam has been uniting like-minded people around the world since it was founded in 1989. Music, design, and fashion remain at the center of Slam Jam’s world, so the Slam Jam x Devo collection feels like a natural duet.

The aim of the collection is to give a new shape to Devotees uniforms and their unique, dystopian assembly-line style. The Slam Jam x Devo capsule collection includes a standout retro-futuristic piece in the silver tracksuit which pays tribute to the band’s most iconic outfits.

The famous Devo Ziggurat helmet logo wraps a black intarsia knit jumper, which is another highlight piece of the collection. Elsewhere, the black hoodie features a photograph of Devo to the front with the Reverse Evolution logo to the reverse while the graphic T-shirt — available in black and white — comes in two graphic variations.

Once introduced by David Bowie as “the band of the future”, it’s no real surprise that Devo’s influence can still be felt today. The Slam Jam x Devo collection is proof that the Devotee tribe is still alive and kicking.

Shop the Slam Jam x Devo capsule collection below.

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10 Pieces of Iced-Out Jewelry to Match the Weather




When it comes to jewelry, we’re usually singing the praises of minimal styles. Basic sterling silver jewelry and gold accessories can go a long way in taking your fits to the next level without dominating them. But, there’s something to be said for all-out drama, too. We’re talking iced-out jewelry that throws caution to the wind in favor of excess.

Sure, you can rack up some serious price tags when on the hunt for diamond rings and necklaces, but there are ways to get the look without needing to apply for a mortgage.

In our selection, we’ve got men’s diamond jewelry by Shay, Laud, and O Thongthai which looks to real diamonds, sapphires, and 18K gold for its shine — with price tags to match. Next to them, though, you’ll also find pieces by Bleue Burnham, Hatton Labs, and more which opt for crystals or similar to offer sparkling accessories without four-or-more-digit prices.

Shop the best men’s diamond jewelry below.

Shay 18K Black & White Gold Curb Chain

Alternating 18K white and black gold make up the checkerboard curb links of this heavy-set chain. Each white gold link is embellished with diamond pavé for added pop.

Bleue Burnham Sterling Silver Mini Rose Garden Sapphire Signet Ring

Sterling Silver Mini Rose Garden Sapphire Signet Ring

Sterling Silver Mini Rose Garden Sapphire Signet Ring

(Available at 2 Merchants)

(Available at 2 Merchants)

When you’re on the hunt for men’s diamond jewelry (or something similar), one thing to make sure of is that the base material is high quality. Even if you’re opting for more affordable sapphire pieces like this ring, avoid the piece if it’s not set in sterling silver.

Hatton Labs Sterling Silver Topaz Oval Ring

Iced-out jewelry doesn’t have to be obnoxiously loud. This Hatton Labs ring keeps the stones to a minimum, framing the signet cushion with white topaz for a clean finish.

Spinelli Kilcollin 18K White Gold Mini Micro Diamond Hoop Earring

Crafted from 18K white gold and finished with rhodium plating for a darker tone, this Spinelli Kilcollin earring is rounded out in style with a 0.13-carat row of round grey diamonds.

Marla Aaron 14K White Gold Allstone Boltlock Diamond Lock Charm

First released at the Brooklyn Museum to celebrate the David Bowie exhibition, Marla Aaron’s Boltlock Charm is studded with white diamonds that contrast with the industrial bolt design.

Tom Wood Sterling Silver Cushion Band Rock Crystal Ring

Tom Wood’s designs never stray from the confidently minimal. This sterling silver piece is embellished with hand-cut crystals for a touch of sparkle but retains a sense of restraint.

Laud 18K Yellow Gold Augmented Aspect Sapphire And Ruby Ring

18K Yellow Gold Augmented Aspect Sapphire And Ruby Ring

Buy at Browns

With 78 brilliant-cut sapphires on one side and plain 18K yellow gold on the other, the rotating panel at the center of this Laud ring gives the wearer a difficult styling choice. Which side would you pick?

Shola Branson Sterling Silver Melange Gemstone Signet Ring

You’d be forgiven for not knowing that this Shola Branson ring is made of 925 sterling silver. It’s hidden deep beneath a sea of natural pink sapphires, pink tourmalines, amethysts, aquamarine, and rhodolite garnets.

O Thongthai 9K Yellow Gold Sapphire Signet Ring

Defined by tourmalines totaling 0.97 carats and the sapphires 4.91 carats, O Thongthai’s take on a signet ring is like a mouth-watering piece of candy for the pinky.

Sweetlimejuice Sterling Silver Denim Crystal Signet Ring

Denim and sterling silver is not a combination we’re used to, but one that we think should be explored more often. Fitted with an indigo denim frame, the big crystal that takes center stage here is given an ice-cold blue tint.

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