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Report: Apple ‘Ready to Spend Billions’ on Live Sports Content




Tech giant Apple is reportedly prepared to spend “billions” on live sports content over the next four years and is on an “aggressive hunt” for live sports streaming deals, according to analyst reports.

MacRumors reports that Apple is working hard to bring live sports content to its Apple TV+ streaming service and is on an “aggressive hunt” for potential deals in the industry. The move comes as part of a wider effort by Apple to boost subscriptions to its streaming service.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 28: Apple CEO Tim Cook attends Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show” World Premiere at David Geffen Hall on October 28, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

College Football

(UPI Photo/Archie Carpenter)

In an investor note, Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives stated that he sees Apple’s decision not to acquire a movie studio as an indication that the company sees live sports programming as a key part of its success and ability to grow its audience in the coming years.

Apple has not released official numbers on the subscriber count for Apple TV+ but Wedbush estimates the service has around 20 million paid subscribers and around 45 million viewers. This makes up a tiny fraction of what other streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ currently boast.

The investors note from Ives states:

With Apple spending $7 billion annually on original content and having roughly $200 billion of cash on its balance sheet, we believe the company is gearing up to bid on a number of upcoming sports packages coming up for contract/renewals in future years. We note that upcoming sports packages potentially for bid over the next four years that Apple can be involved with (in some capacity/semi-exclusive) are: NFL (Sunday Night Ticket), Big Ten, Pac 12, Big East, Big 12, other NCAA sports packages (2024 timing), NASCAR, and the NBA/WNBA.

Apple TV+ does not currently offer any kind of live television programming. Like Disney+ and Netflix, the service only offers on-demand streaming of television and movie content. It was reported earlier this month that Apple has been in discussions with Major League Baseball about a potential deal that could see Apple broadcasting MLB games next season.

Read more at MacRumors here.

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan or email him at

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Nolte: RFK Jr. Thrown Under Twitter-Bus By Actress-Wife Cheryl Hines




Curb Your Enthusiasm actress Cheryl Hines used her verified Twitter account to throw her own husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., under the bus on Tuesday.

Boy, that marriage must be going well.

Over the weekend, Kennedy appeared at an anti-vaccine mandate protest in Washington D.C. During his remarks, the son of late-Senator Robert F. Kennedy said of these fascist mandates, “Even in Hitler’s Germany, you could cross the Alps into Switzerland. You could hide in an attic like Anne Frank did.”

Obviously, he was making the hyperbolic point that you could hide from the Nazis but not these mandates. Personally, I could not care less if people make Holocaust/Hitler/Nazi analogies, and it disgusts me to no end when Speech Nazis (see what I did there?) declare them off-limits. But as far as analogies go, one has to admit Kennedy’s wasn’t a very good one.

Nevertheless, America’s collective Media Speech Nazis (see what I did there?) gathered together to feign offense and lash out at Kennedy because that’s what fascists do when they can’t address the overall argument.

Anyway, Kennedy’s been a public figure since birth, so he could not have been surprised or traumatized by the fake media’s hypocritical reaction, and he did eventually issue an apology. But what must he have thought when his own wife — his wife! — took to the Twitters to drop him in the grease?

“My husband’s reference to Anne Frank at a mandate rally in D.C. was reprehensible and insensitive,” Hines tweeted. “The atrocities that millions endured during the Holocaust should never be compared to anyone or anything. His opinions are not a reflection of my own.”

What Hines gave us there is a shining moment of clarity, a brilliant look at why celebrity marriages tend to end in divorce.

You don’t do this to your own spouse.

This is not how a marriage is supposed to work. Unless he’s convicted of some terrible crime, you always-always-always stand by your spouse.

Throughout our marriage, because I can be an idiot, I have frequently said and done things my wife disapproved of. Of course, I have. But my wife has never-ever-ever sided against me in front of one person, much less the whole world. This is Marriage 101. You stand by your husband in public. Then, in private, you give him hell.

Imagine the toxic narcissism that flows through Cheryl Hines… Imagine what a disloyal, callow, aging social climber she must be to do something like this to her own husband. Is there any question her career, her status in Hollywood is more important to her than her own marriage?

If you think about it, it’s even worse than that… He apologized! Kennedy apologized, and she still dropped him in the grease with her mercenary virtue signal. How difficult would it have been for her to simply publish a tweet linking to his apology? That’s what you do! That’s what a loyal and loving spouse who cares about the marriage does.

Cheryl Hines must be the only person on the planet who watched George Conway publicly humiliate and undermine his wife and thought, That’s what makes a marriage work.

And if Cheryl Hines is willing to stab her own husband in the back, imagine what she’s willing to do to anyone else.

Follow John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC. Follow his Facebook Page here.

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Nolte: Why Neil Young (and Most Celebrities) Are Fascists




Why would an anti-establishment hippie like Neil Young suddenly turn fascist and want to blacklist Joe Rogan to protect the establishment from criticism?

Why did Sean Penn embrace a left-wing Nazi like Hugo Chavez?

Why is left-wing Hollywood sucking up to China’s Nazis?

Why does a 60s icon like Cher call for the imprisonment of those she disagrees with?

Why does a free spirit like Bette Midler demand all women stop having sex with men?

Why does a Whoopi Goldberg rhetorically lynch an innocent man?

Why does television’s most famous anti-establishment liberal now protect the establishment by accusing those he disagrees with of “sedition?”

Neil Young is behaving like Joe McCarthy.

Meathead is behaving like Richard Nixon.

Whoopi is behaving like the Klan.

Bette is behaving like the Church lady.

Hollywood is behaving like Vichy France.

What’s going on?

How is this possible?

After all, for most of our lives, we’ve recognized the artists and artistic establishment that emerged from the sixties and seventies as free speech warriors, as classical liberals, as envelope pushers, as the very “heroes” who put an end to McCarthyism, the prudish Moral Majority, the Production Code, and old-fashioned censorship.

But look at them now! They’re the ones calling for blacklists, censorship, prudery, and political arrests!

They’re the ones kissing China’s Nazi ass like another Mussolini.

Well, of course, they are. Don’t you see that this is who these people always were?

Neil Young and Rob Reiner and Bette Midler and Sean Penn, and the rest were never about freedom. They were never true liberals. They were never hippies. And they were certainly never free spirits. Instead, they were and are only one thing — toxic narcissists. And what do narcissists want more than anything else? They want to get their way. And if they don’t get their way, what do they do? They have a tantrum and scream about how everyone deserves to get hit by a train.

There is nothing more malevolent or un-American than a narcissist because a narcissist will try to destroy anyone who doesn’t give them what they want. A narcissist loves fascism because fascism forces everyone to behave and live a certain way. Sean Penn loved Hugo Chavez because Sean Penn wants to be Hugo Chavez because Sean Penn is a narcissist who wants the power to control everyone because that’s what a narcissist is. Hollywood loves China’s Nazis for the same reasons.

The following rule is not a perfect rule… It should be acknowledged that there are plenty of right and left-leaning celebrities who are not narcissists, who are well-rounded and grounded adults. But, in general, celebrity (for reasons I should not have to explain) attracts narcissists like the stink of Jeff Zucker’s ass attracts Jake Tapper’s nose. This is especially true in the later generations; these dilettantes who know nothing of real life because they grew up in a show business family.

The same is true of the news media, another rotting institution poisoned by narcissists who immediately turn fascist when they do not get their way. Joe McCarthy only wished he could have blacklisted as effectively as CNN.

You see, Neil Young and Rob Reiner and Bette Midler never believed in free speech or freedom or live and let live or individual liberty or opposed McCarthyism and racial terrorism… That was all bullshit. What they wanted was the right to do whatever they wanted to do. They were never fighting for a principle or for anyone else. It was always all about them. They simply hid this selfish crusade behind words like “freedom” and “justice.”

Beneath it all, just below the surface, they were always fascists willing to lash out with prudery, censorship, lynch mobs, and blacklists, ready and willing to become the Moral Majority, to reinstate the Production Code, and ape Joe McCarthy if it meant getting what they want. And now we see that because it’s right out in the open.

Narcissists are bad people, and these are bad people.

Very bad people.

Follow John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNCFollow his Facebook Page here.

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California Mom Sues School District: Claims Teachers Gave Daughter ‘Tips on How to Bind Her Breasts’




A California mother is taking legal action against the Spreckels Union School District (SUSD), claiming that two LGBTQ activist teachers “secretly manipulated” her 11-year-old daughter “into believing she was a transgender boy and gave tips on how to bind her breasts.”

Jessica Konen took action against SUSD with a legal claim stating two teachers, Lori Caldeira and Kelly Baraki, from the Buena Vista Middle School, who headed the school’s Equality Club, suggested her daughter was bisexual in sixth grade. Konen also claimed that, without her knowledge, school officials then created a “gender support plan” for her daughter.

Harmeet Dhillon, founder and CEO of the Center for American Liberty, filed the case on behalf of Konen.

“Parents are supposed to have access to all the educational records of their children,” Dhillon told “The concept that the schools have a right to be running secret, don’t-tell-your-parents clubs and don’t-tell-your-parents programs and actively coaching children how to mutilate themselves, which is you know, not growing your breasts, is certainly not consistent with California law.”

The ⁦@AP⁩ covers our ⁦@Liberty_Ctr⁩ legal claims on behalf of Jessica Konen, whose daughter was coached into breast-binding, using a unisex bathroom in the teachers’ lounge, and changing her name by predatory conduct of the school teachers.

— Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) January 22, 2022

Since filing the case, Dhillon added that she’s heard from parents in other states as well, who report “secretive trans grooming” by school officials, along the same lines as Konen describes.

Konen’s legal claim is a likely precursor to a lawsuit, the news outlet reported.

It may be time for parents w/kids to consider leaving CA. The combination of schools pushing sexuality on children and now pushing drugs on them without parental consent, is truly shocking. Same state tells judges that parents have no rights to direct their kids’ education!

— Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) January 25, 2022

As Breitbart News reported in December, Konen claimed two years ago that the two teachers indoctrinated her daughter into identifying as “trans fluid” after encouraging her to join their lunchtime LGBTQ group they were calling the “Equality Club”:

Konen told the Epoch Times that toward the end of her sixth-grade year, her daughter informed her she might be bisexual, and later on, in December 2019, when her child was in seventh-grade, Konen said she was called to the school for a meeting with her daughter, a teacher, and the school principal.

During that meeting, the teacher reportedly told Konen that her daughter was “trans fluid.”

Additionally, Konen said the teacher accused her of not being “emotionally supportive” of her daughter’s new gender identity and criticized her for not using her daughter’s new name and pronouns. The teacher reportedly stated Konen’s daughter would now be using the unisex bathroom at school.

“I felt she completely coached my child,” Konen said at the time. “It made me feel very, very small as a parent. I was unaware of anything. Not one time had she mentioned to me, ‘Oh, I think that I want to change my name,’ or ‘I’m transgender or anything. Nothing. I only heard bisexual one time, and that was it.”

The school reportedly called the parents in for a meeting where they informed them that their daughter is trans. The teacher then proceeded to call CPS on them when they didn’t use the “correct” name and pronouns.

This is the dad’s speech tonight:

— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) December 16, 2021

Konen reported that, within several days of that meeting, the King City Police Department visited her home to inform her a Child Protective Services (CPS) complaint had been filed against her.

The Epoch Times noted the police officers questioned both of Konen’s children, asking if they wished to be removed from the home.

Ultimately, Konen said CPS dropped the case. However, after additional meetings with teachers, the mother discovered that her daughter had also searched online for information regarding suicide, another surprising revelation she had heard nothing about from school personnel.

Konen reported once schools closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic lockdowns, her daughter returned to identifying as a girl.

Finally, Konen removed her daughter, now 14, from that school and enrolled her elsewhere. She reported to the Epoch Times that her daughter is now using her birth name and feminine pronouns.

In November, author and journalist Abigail Shrier revealed that leaked authenticated documents showed Caldeira and Baraki from the Buena Vista Middle School boasted a month earlier at a California Teachers Association (CTA) meeting about their “best practices for subverting parents, conservative communities and school principals on issues of gender identity and sexual orientation.”

“Speakers went so far as to tout their surveillance of students’ Google searches, internet activity, and hallway conversations in order to target sixth graders for personal invitations to LGBTQ clubs, while actively concealing these clubs’ membership rolls from participants’ parents,” Shrier noted.

Caldeira and Baraki asserted their alleged activity of “stalking” children online to search for those they perceived might be transgender were “only made in jest,” the report said.

According to Shrier, the two teachers led a workshop about how to run a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club in conservative communities.

“Because we are not official – we have no club rosters, we keep no records,” Caldeira reportedly said. “In fact, sometimes we don’t really want to keep records because if parents get upset that their kids are coming? We’re like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe they came?’ You know, we would never want a kid to get in trouble for attending if their parents are upset.”

Baraki was reportedly heard describing how she has changed the name of her “GSA” to the “Equity Club,” and then later to “You Be You,” or UBU, in order to keep parents deferential.

“When we were doing our virtual learning – we totally stalked what they were doing on Google when they weren’t doing school work,” Baraki reportedly said in the leaked recording. “One of them was googling ‘Trans Day of Visibility.’ And we’re like, ‘Check.’ We’re going to invite that kid when we get back on campus.’”

Caldeira, who had been awarded as a role model for inclusion, reportedly defended hers and Baraki’s efforts, stating the teachers offered honest answers to students’ questions, reported.

Following Shrier’s report and other media coverage, SUSD officials responded by stating:

Many of the comments and themes stated in the article are alarming, concerning, disappointing, and do not in any way reflect the District or Board of Education’s policies and practices.

“Regarding the teachers involved, appropriate personnel steps are being taken to make sure such activities and comments will not be repeated,” the district stated.

In November, the teachers were reportedly placed on administrative leave, and their UBU club was suspended.

Young children in kindergarten are being taught transgender ideology without an opt-out, say concerned parents in West Hartford, Connecticut.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) November 19, 2021

CTA defended its conference stating it was one of many offered to “help educators understand the need to protect students from discrimination, including sexual orientation and gender identity or expression,” according to

“We are concerned about a political climate right now in which outside political forces fuel chaos and misinformation and seek to divide parents, educators and school communities for their own political gain, which is evident in this complaint,” CTA spokeswoman Lisa Gardiner reportedly said.

“The Center for American Liberty is concerned with pushing its own political agenda through litigation and has filed multiple lawsuits against various school districts and communities,” she added.

Attorney Peter Renn of LGBTQ activist organization Lambda Legal also told, “Outside of school, these students may similarly face potential hostility at home because of who they are.”

“For example, involuntarily outing a student as LGBTQ to their parents can very well lead to them getting kicked out of the home in some circumstances,” he said, according to the report.

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