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Not from China or Germany – Built from 3D printed parts this American-made hypercar costs $2 million and can accelerate to 62mph faster than any production car in the world.




The Czinger 21C hybrid hypercar looks straight out of a videogame. Just look at it! And, in case, this is the first time you’ve ever heard of the name Czinger, it could be because this spaceship-like still-to-reach-production car is the work of a boutique manufacturer from America and might be one of those projects that die on the vine. However, the $2 million hypercar’s design and specifications are so impressive that we are rooting for it to succeed. Robb Report recently caught up with the company’s founder, Kevin Czinger at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles where the Czinger 21C has been put up on display. Kevin shared his dreams and explained how the Czinger 21C represents a “paradigm shift in automotive manufacturing.”

The automobile industry has rarely spawned a single-seat production; even the McLaren F1, which has a central driving position, has two rear passenger seats. However, the Czinger 21C wants to stand out with its unique seating layout. In fact, the American hypercar looks very similar to a Le Mans Prototype racer. But hypercars like the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the Mercedes-AMG One have demonstrated that nothing is too wild of an idea for production cars these days! As with most hypercar these days, the Czinger 21C extensively uses Carbon fiber in construction and gets super-aggressive aero elements, including a massive splitter and a humongous rear wing.

The hypercar is propelled by an in-house developed hybrid powertrain that combines a 2.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 with two electric motor powering each front wheel, which cumulatively produces 1,250 hp. The motors draw power from two small battery packs derived from Formula 1. In terms of performance figures, the hypercar can go from 0-62mph in 1.9 seconds. Kevin also claims that the 21C has the best power-to-weight ratio of any production car with a dry weight of about 2,734 pounds.

While the specs and performance figures are mighty impressive, at least on paper, the Czinger 21C’s most attention grabbing quality is how its built. Instead of sticking with traditional manufacturing processes, the American company plans on building the hypercar with multiple different materials and 3D print components with the use of automated, artificial intelligence-based software. “The idea of this was really a new brand—100 percent American—invented, designed and manufactured based on the world’s first full digital production system and intended to represent the apex of that technology,” Kevin said to Robb Report. We so wish the Czinger 21C doesn’t end up being just vaporware.

[Via: Robb Report]

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Live Life Modular With HH-118389225’s FW22 Collection




Helly Hansen’s HH-118389225 is set to become an even bigger, badder beast – at least, that’s what the first look at its Fall/Winter 2022 collection would lead you to believe.

The way that HH-118389225 flipped the script on the historical perception of Helly Hansen without sacrificing the functionality and performance details that are so integral to the brand’s DNA is nothing short of impressive. It achieved what for many has proven impossible – balancing heritage with forward-thinking, contemporary styling and innovation.

I was lucky enough to get a stronger understanding of what the aim of HH-118389225 was and what its modular design approach means for the future in conversation with Design Director Dorte Vedal and Artistic Director Graeme Gaughan late last year. Now, everything they mentioned is coming to life with the unveiling of FW22.

Stylized as HH-118389225-222 (222 for FW22), the lineup builds on the blueprint established in the inaugural 212 winter collection last year – updated color palettes for flagship outerwear pieces like the 3-in-1 Parka, as well as expanding on the core offering.

As you’d expect, modularity remains a foundation, so your current season Storm Hood will be interchangeable with pieces within the upcoming collection.

The popular reversible Puffa jacket, last seen in a striking yellow and deep black, returns in a bold orange remix of traditional woodland camouflage (with a green reverse side), while the existing black option now features a purple reverse.

Several layering elements such as a fleece and reversible vest offer additional layers of protection and utility, while the new Arc 3L Shell Pant provides a snowboard-inspired cargo silhouette to bring together full looks.

While you bide your time for HH-118389225 Fall/Winter 2022 collection to release later this year, you can shop current season products at stockists such as MATCHESFASHION, SSENSE, and LN-CC.

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Y/Project: Jean Paul Gaultier Collab, Denim Boots & a Bold Balaclava




Over the past two years, I’ve found it hard to get excited about fashion. Perhaps it is the never-ending pandemic, or perhaps it is the copious amounts of releases, collaborations, and products that we’re exposed to every single week.

Y/Project changed that.

The Fall/Winter 2022 schedule has been quiet this season, as a result of cancellations due to COVID, as well as production delays, and so on. Y/Project decided to go ahead with its anticipated show, and it was without a doubt the right decision.

Taking the audience into a big parking garage owned by DPD on a rainy night in Paris, the label’s creative director Glenn Martens showcased a collection that has already been shared on Instagram stories everywhere with the caption: need.

Last year, it was announced that Martens would follow sacai‘s Chitose Abe as Jean Paul Gaultier‘s next couture collaborator, and the FW22 Y/Project collection gave us the first glimpse at what will be a stellar partnership.

Using some of JPG’s most iconic prints, Martens created slip dresses, suits, tank tops and more, combining colors with Y/Project’s signature experimentation. Purple mixed with green, blue mixed with pink, and simple black-and-white – it was all there!

In addition to the collaboration, we of course saw an abundance of denim (even some denim-clad boots), which is to be expected as Martens is also Diesel‘s new creative director. He’s a busy guy, to say the least.

Playing with shapes and textures, Martens showcased everything from a duvet-inspired puffer jacket, to a colorful jacket-scarf-balaclava look, and everything felt nothing short of exciting. Personally, the huge metallic earrings, structured scarves, and the Tabi-inspired shoes were favorites.

When it comes to makeup, the models were clean-faced, but with a simple addition of some white mascara, which created an eye-catching element that didn’t distract from the clothes themselves, but added another exciting element.

Glenn Martens’ Y/Project has always been great, but the Fall/Winter 2022 collection was truly something special. Who would’ve thought my love for fashion would have reignited in a DPD parking garage? Not I, but when it comes to Martens, the designer can do anything.

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Balenciaga has decided to honor Dubai and several other cities as part of its new sneaker collection




Balenciaga has recently launched a new collection, and it’s a list of cities that have played muse for the brand! Yes, that’s right! Launched along with a sensational new campaign, we’re talking about the Balenciaga Cities Series.

Featuring products inspired by local and tourist loyalty to certain cities, the Cities series includes totes, caps, shirts, Furry Sandals, bombers, and hoodies featuring multiple letterman designs. It is designed as an urban location-based line, with the campaign showcasing people in transit on the London Tube.

The cities that are featured include Aspen, Beijing, Berlin, Busan, Chengdu, Dallas, Dubai, East Hampton, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Macau, Miami, New York, Paris, Rome, Saint-Tropez, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Venice. Further, the collection is available exclusively in Balenciaga stores located in the cities covered, with the Paris-themed Cities pieces and Phantom sneakers being available worldwide.

Alongside it, the brand has also launched a new addition to its Objects line- a reusable porcelain coffee cup featuring a varsity-style logo representative of the store at which it was purchased. It will be available in 25 cities, including Bangkok, Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Dubai, Florence, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Milan, New York City, Paris, Rome, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, and Venice.

Care to shop your favorites from the Balenciaga Cities series?

[Via: nss magazine]

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