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Inside Amazing Race Winners Will Jardell and James Wallington’s Adventurous Honeymoon




“The Amazing Race” History & Behind The Scenes Moments

Having already conquered the ultimate race around the world, a more standard honeymoon would have been a massive U-turn for Amazing Race season 32 champs Will Jardell and James Wallington

So a month after their Dec. 3 New Orleans vows, the travel content creators hopped aboard the Santa Cruz II for its maiden voyage and Hurtigruten Expeditions‘ first-ever departure in the Galapagos.

“After our experience on The Amazing Race, this type of honeymoon feels very on brand for us!” Wallington said of the trip that took them from Ecuador’s capital city of Quito to roughly 600 miles west for a week of kayaking, hiking, swimming and exploring in the same spot Charles Darwin once made his groundbreaking discoveries. “It’s been incredibly active but at the same time has a healthy balance of relaxation.”

Plus, for the sustainability-focused duo—who met in 2014 on the set of America’s Next Top Model, where Wallington was working and Jardell was smizing his way to a second place finish—the fact that the trip was carbon-neutral was a huge draw.  

“We’ve always been passionate about eco-friendly and sustainable tourism,” noted Wallington. “It’s very important to us because we love this planet and its endless travel opportunities, so we want to make sure we do our part to protect it all while continuing to experience its natural wonders!”

Days in, the couple, who got engaged after crossing the finish line back in 2018, were already raving about spying many of the archipelago’s natural wildlife. “We’ve been able to see sea lions everywhere we go, land and marine iguanas, red- and blue-footed boobies, and many other species,” said Jardell. Long having been drawn to the spot, “It’s a dream being able to experience the beauty in person,” he continued. “It’s hard to put into words, and no picture can do it justice.” 

And yet they tried, the newlyweds sharing their favorite snaps from the nine-day trip with E! News. 

Hurtigruten Expeditions

One Amazing Trip

En route to winning season 32 of The Amazing RaceWill Jardell and James Wallington sped through Colombia, Brazil, France and the Philippines. But it was Wallington’s 2015 trip to Ecuador that sparked their January getaway. “I was told by many it was a missed opportunity to not have visited the Galapagos Islands,” Wallington (posing here on the archipelago’s South Plaza Island) told E! News. “So I’ve always wanted to come back, and what better way to experience it than with the love of my life by my side for our honeymoon!”

Hurtigruten Expeditions

Testing Out a Theory

For Jardell, a huge perk of the trip was “Charles Darwin and the unique species that live here,” he said of the biologist’s numerous discoveries on the islands. So a quick detour to the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island was a must.  

Hurtigruten Expeditions

What. A. View.

Though Jardell told E! News “I’ve always been drawn to the Galapagos Islands,” the vista from atop Santa Fe Island had nothing on his new husband. 

Hurtigruten Expeditions

Toasting to a Bright Future

Taking pains to travel “in a sustainable way that doesn’t leave a negative impact on the planet,” Jardell noted, they appreciated that “all of Hurtigruten Expeditions’ cruises to the Galapagos are carbon-neutral.” Aboard the 90-guest MS Santa Cruz II, the couple checked into the Darwin Suite, naturally. 

Hurtigruten Expeditions

Barking Up the Right Tree

Within a few days, the newlyweds had already spotted much of the wildlife on the islands’ list of their “Big 15,” including sea lions “everywhere we go,” said Jardell. Some of the most prime viewing came on Mosquera Islet, home to one of the area’s largest colonies. 

Dennis Ballesteros for Hurtirguten Expeditions

Part of the Pack

“My favorite part so far about this expedition has been walking among the wildlife; it’s incredible how they never bolt away and aren’t afraid,” raved Jardell. Coming across a mess of marine iguanas on Española Island, they did what any self-respecting America’s Next Top Model alum might and showed their best sides. 

Dennis Ballesteros for Hurtirguten Expeditions

Coming Out of Their Shells

Though the pair posed with sea lions, iguanas and these giant tortoise shells in the Santa Cruz Island Highland, Jardell’s personal favorite was all of the crabs. “I’m kind of obsessed,” he admitted, “they are everywhere and so colorful.”

Dennis Ballesteros for Hurtirguten Expeditions

Under the Sea

Among the activities on their agenda: Hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and marveling at the views. “The biodiversity of The Galapagos is spectacular!” Wallington rhapsodized in a mid-trip email. “Every island we’ve visited has provided a completely new and unique experience, which (if you ask me) is what an expedition is all about!”

Dennis Ballesteros for Hurtirguten Expeditions

Tons to Discover

Aboard the ship, guests can score photography tips from the pros on how to best capture all those sea lions for the ‘gram, take part in the Citizen Science Project, which lets them contribute to current scientific research projects, and make use of the microscopes and library at the Science Center. 

Hurtigruten Expeditions

Sailing Into the Sunset

“We love adventure, and this experience has perfectly captured our love for travel, relaxation and seeing unique wildlife,” Jardell raved of the nine-day getaway. “It has been a perfect honeymoon and the best way to begin married life together.” Next up, Wallington recently told People, “We’re both ready to be parents.” 

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Why Fans Are Convinced Pete Davidson Snapped Kim Kardashian’s Latest Bikini Shots




Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Get COZY on Date Night

Nothing says amore like getting all your right angles.


At least that what’s fans think when it comes to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, all thanks to one of her latest bikini pics. Kim had her Instagram followers buzzing on Jan. 17 when she posted three photos of herself frolicking alongside a beach in her two-piece swimsuit, captioning the series of snaps, “Mother Nature.”


But it was the third photo itself that seem to catch everyone’s attention since there was a noticeable shadow in the photo behind the lens, and for fans—that could only be one person.


“The shadow is Pete, we all agree right,” one person wrote. Another added, “Tell Pete to not get a shadow next time.” A third follower commented, “Not me zooming on the shadow of the photographer to see if it was Pete.”


All small social media investigations aside, the assumption of boyfriend-turned-photographer wouldn’t be that far-fetched considering the budding romance between the two seems to be going pretty strong.

Ever since the couple confirmed their relationship last November, there have been several low-key dates between Kim and Pete. Not to mention, the couple took their date nights beyond their local spots, most recently jet-setting for a getaway in the Bahamas—where he likely could’ve snapped those bikini pics.

However, the relationship between the SNL star and the SKIMS founder goes beyond palm tree and pictures, with a source telling E! News in early January that “Kim and Pete are getting very serious,” adding that Kim is “smitten and the relationship is very exciting to her.”


As for whose shadow that was for sure? Well, social media seems to be keeping up with the clues. 

Can’t keep up? Get every update, exclusive clips and more from your favorite family.

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Jamie Lynn Spears glosses over Dan Schneider scandal in her memoir




January 18, 2022 | 8:00am

Jamie Lynn Spears heaps praise on “Zoey 101” creator Dan Schneider in her new memoir but fails to acknowledge the allegations of misconduct that have been leveled against him.

When Spears, 30, first mentions Schneider, 56, in “Things I Should Have Said,” she credits him as the person who “recognized [her] talent” and “was the driving force” behind her landing the starring role on the Nickelodeon dramedy.

“The show attracted some of the best professionals in the business. The creator and director, Dan Schneider, was exacting and insisted on professionalism,” she writes.

Spears then applauds Schneider, who infamously had a habit of tweeting photos of young actress’ feet, for knowing “how to get just what he needed from a rambunctious group of teens who thought that they were all that.”

But any mention of the embattled showrunner ends there.

The cover of Jamie Lynn Spears' memoir,
“Things I Should Have Said” hit stores Tuesday.
Worthy Publishing

Schneider was once an unstoppable force at Nickelodeon, creating children’s sitcoms including “The Amanda Show,” “Drake & Josh,” “iCarly” and “Victorious.”

But in March 2018, the network abruptly cut ties with the producer so he could “pursue other opportunities and projects.” Page Six broke the news at the time that he walked away with a $7 million payout.

Deadline reported soon after that “for years Schneider had been under a cloud of suspicion over the treatment of some younger stars of his shows,” while the New York Times revealed in June 2021 that an internal investigation at Nickelodeon had found Schneider was verbally abusive toward co-workers. (The review found no evidence of sexual misconduct.)

Dan Schneider accepting the 2014 Kids' Choice Award for Lifetime Achievement.
Schneider is the sole recipient of the Kids’ Choice Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Schneider denied to the Times that he had ever acted inappropriately at work, saying in part, “I couldn’t and I wouldn’t have the long-term friendships and continued loyalty from so many reputable people if I’d mistreated my actors of any age, especially minors.”

He also insisted that his photos and videos of kids’ feet were “totally innocent.”

Schneider was most recently credited as the creator of Paramount+’s “iCarly” revival, which premiered in June 2021, though he had no creative involvement.

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Jodie Sweetin is engaged to Mescal Wasilewski after 4 years




January 18, 2022 | 7:49am

She said “yes” — for the fifth time.

Jodie Sweetin announced on Instagram Monday that she is engaged to Mescal Wasilewski after four years of dating.

The “Fuller House” alum quoted famed author Maya Angelou before leaving fans with a romantic caption of her own.

“I love you Mescal, for always,” Sweetin wrote. “You’re my person. I can’t wait to see the life that lies ahead for us.”

Sweetin’s photo included a close-up look at her marquis-style engagement ring, which Wasilewski gave to her two days before her 40th birthday.

“Here’s to us, @ghostfacelito and our life of adventures. Together,” she continued. “I think I’m really gonna like turning 40 ❤️❤️❤️💍.”

Wasilewski shared the same photo on his Instagram and added, “So that happened…”

Sweetin has been married three times. Her first marriage to Shaun Holguin lasted four years, from 2002 to 2006. The “Finding Santa” star then married Cody Herpin in 2007. The former couple, who split in 2010, share daughter Zoie, 13.

She shares daughter Beatrix, 11, with ex-husband Morty Coyle, to whom she was married from 2012 to 2016.

The “Love Under the Rainbow” actress then became engaged to Justin Hodak in 2016, but the two never made it to the altar.

Sweetin’s engagement comes just over a week after her “Full House” co-star Bob Saget died unexpectedly at age 65. The cast released a joint statement in the aftermath, saying they were grieving “as a family.”

Jodie Sweetin and Mescal Wasilewsk
Wasilewski popped the question just days before Sweetin’s 40th birthday.

“Thirty-five years ago, we came together as a TV family, but we became a real family. And now we grieve as a family,” they said in the statement released on Instagram last week.

“Bob made us laugh until we cried. Now our tears flow in sadness, but also with gratitude for all the beautiful memories of our sweet, kind, hilarious, cherished Bob. He was a brother to us guys, a father to us girls and a friend to all of us. Bob, we love you dearly. We ask in Bob’s honor, hug the people you love. No one gave better hugs than Bob.”

The statement was signed by stars Sweetin, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, Lori Loughlin, Andrea Barber, Scott Weinger, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, as well as series creator Jeff Franklin. 

More than 100 stars turned out to remember the late comic at his funeral.

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