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Ian Noe Descends into Isolated Madness on New Song ‘Pine Grove (Mad House)’




For Ian Noe, it all started with a title. Two years ago, not long after releasing his stunning debut Between the Country, the Kentucky singer-songwriter was stumbling around in search of a creative direction when a phrase came to him: River Fools & Mountain Saints. In an instant, he knew how he’d be structuring his yet-to-be-written collection of songs.

“That title did absolutely everything to me, it was the fuel,” the 31-year-old Noe tells Rolling Stone. “I [realized] I could split up two sides of the record. It was the same concept as Between the Country, which was literally everything between all the places I’ve lived. But it’s a more updated version, and it was broader.”

Set for release on March 25th on Thirty Tigers, River Fools & Mountain Saints is both an expansion and a deepening of the hard-nosed storytelling he introduced on his first LP. Unlike the pitch-black balladry that defined Between the Country, Noe was intent on including at least a few halfway-cheerful tunes this time around. Roadhouse country-rockers like lead single “Pine Grove (Mad House)” and “Burning Down the Prairie” exist alongside wistful down-tempo narratives like “Lonesome As It Gets” and “Ballad of a Retired Man.” The latter is Noe’s clearest homage to date to his hero John Prine. 

“River Fool,” the first song he wrote after conjuring the title, is based on the Memorial Day weekend rituals of Noe’s friends, who spent each holiday break fishing and partying, while the character in “Mountain Saint” is a weed grower high in the Appalachian hills. “It’s just basically whatever can go on within that [geographic] section,” Noe says of the title. 

The songs on River Fools & Mountain Saints are, once again, set almost entirely in Noe’s native Kentucky and are anchored by his homespun writing, which can convey a novel’s worth of narrative in very few words: “I used to have a Christian wife,” he sings on the track “Road May Flood/It’s a Heartache,” “I lost her like a pocketknife.”

“Road May Flood” is a prime example of the expanding influences and tones that imbue Noe’s latest. Before starting as a typically sparse acoustic lament, the song evolves into a countrypolitan nod to Bonnie Tyler’s 1978 hit “It’s a Heartache,” adapting its melody and ending with a verse of the Tyler classic. Elsewhere, Noe, who says he’s just as influenced by album-oriented artists like Wussy and Courtney Barnett as his more obvious Neil Young and Van Morrison touchstones, takes specific cues from another one of his audio sampling heroes, M.I.A., by sprinkling in snippets of Muhammad Ali and Sixties television shows into “Ballad of a Retired Man.”

“Pine Grove (Mad House),” meanwhile, is a nod to the fact that Noe completed and recorded the album during a pandemic. “I wanted to start the record off with the words ‘stranded inside a madhouse,’ just like we all were for the longest time,” he says.

Noe is a serious student of classic songwriting and has been since he was a kid. At his fifth-grade graduation ceremony, he sang Young’s “Long May You Run” for his class, attempted to write pretentious “Desolation Row”-inspired songs as a teenager, and spent much of high school memorizing the tracklisting to Moondance

Having studied his heroes for as long as he has, Noe understands the power of songs like CCR’s “Fortunate Son” and Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.,” anthems whose messages are often secondary to their indelible melodies (Noe will soon be releasing a plaintive version of the latter tune). He aspires to writing similar songs — bleak and brutal narratives that are disguised within an irresistible melody. 

“You don’t have to think about the song if you don’t want to,” Noe says, “because the melody’s there.” 

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SOURCE SPORTS: Browns DT Malik McDowell Arrested Naked After Altercation with Police




Browns DT Malik McDowell arrested fully naked in Florida.

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Malik McDowell is accused of walking around naked in front of a South Florida learning center. When a Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived, he allegedly attacked him.

The 25-year-old football player was then tased. McDowell is charged with aggravated battery on an officer, resisting arrest with violence and exposure of sex organs in public.

The graphic video obtained by TMZ Sports, shows the arrest and altercation.

According to the New York Post, his defense attorney believes his client could have been slipped something.

“Apparently somebody may have slipped him something or given him something he was unaware of, which explains some of his bizarre behavior,” said McDowell’s defense attorney.

In a statement, the Browns said they’re “aware of the very concerning incident,” and are gathering more information and will have no further comment at this time.

This season, McDowell appeared in 15 games, recording three sacks and 19 solo tackles. He will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason.

McDowell had been arrested three other times including for resisting arrest and assault.

Some online accounts suggest his actions could be the result of a mental heath issue.

If true, I hope Malik McDowell gets the help he so clearly needs. Blowing this opportunity, in this bizarre manner, is not the action of a well person.

Again *if* true.

— BrownsDailyMockDraft (@BrownsMockDraft) January 18, 2022

We have to have a conversation about Malik McDowell and cte, mixed in with mental health, and then drugs and alcohol. I’m not dismissing him of illegal behavior however I’m not dismissing the fact that a grown man on an nfl contract charged a cop and children’s center NAKED.😢🙏🏽

— Braylon Edwards (@OfficialBraylon) January 20, 2022

Please, @Browns, do the right thing by Malik McDowell. He is clearly in crisis. Today is one of the worst days of his life. Support him, stand by him and help him out of his darkness. The true soul of an organization (and its people) is revealed on days like this.

— John Campanelli (@johncampanelli) January 18, 2022

After tuning his life and career around, Malik McDowell is now off the straight and narrow once again, mental health is a real issue, very sad to see someone in that state once again

— MoreForYouCleveland (@MoreForYou_CLE) January 18, 2022

Let’s all try & be above reposting what happened to Malik McDowell that’s in the news today. I under stand that it’s news, but he needs our thoughts & prayers right now. That is definitely a cry for help & we can be better for not posting it for “Clicks.” 🙏🏻 for you Big Guy.

— BrownsTherapy (@BrownsTherapy) January 18, 2022

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[WATCH] DC Council Candidate Carjacked At Gunpoint At Gas Station




Police in Washington, D.C. have released a video in hopes that the public may have some information in the brazen daylight carjacking of a city council candidate at a gas station this past weekend.

D.C. politician and Council at Large candidate Nate Fleming can be seen in the video walking to his vehicle when a SUV pulls up beside him, with a gunman immediately jumping out of the passenger side, who pointed the gun at him. The politician gives up his car keys and the assailants make their getaway in the SUV and Fleming’s BMW.

Fleming took to Twitter after the incident, tweeting, “To be threatened at gunpoint is shocking,” he wrote, “but I am not surprised that I was attacked given the increase in carjackings and the crisis facing young people in this city.”

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adidas Originals x Prada Launch User-Generated NFT Art Project




After establishing its ambitions for the new digital frontier, adidas Originals is diving deeper into the metaverse to introduce a new chapter of its ongoing partnership with luxury collaborator, Prada

The two iconic brands are joining forces to disrupt the metaverse through a charitable lens that puts creators at the forefront. Prada’s foray into the metaverse will take the form of a global, user-generated NFT art project, utilizing blockchain Polygon Web3. This first-of-its-kind interactive platform will allow the metaverse community to contribute to an NFT made up of 3,000 individual tiles that will then be developed into one final art piece by digital artist & educator Zach Lieberman.

The final adidas x Prada NFT piece will be auctioned off with primary sale profits going to climate-focused organizations Slow Factory and UNESCO Sea Beyond, and a percentage of sales will be split between the creators of the tile artwork – including any secondary sales of Lieberman’s final work each time it is sold. Acknowledging the fundamental role of creators, all 3,000 works featured in the final NFT project will be minted as unique NFTs that each contributor will own and can sell on the secondary market.

Each tile and the final piece will be inspired by the recently releasedPrada Re-Nylon collection – a sustainable, reimagined luxury sportswear collection, released in collaboration with adidas, that is composed of Prada’s signature, recyclable Re-Nylon fabric.

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