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Biden regime compiling lists of religious covid vaccine objectors



Image: Biden regime compiling lists of religious covid vaccine objectors

(Natural News)
The next phase of the plandemic reportedly involves compiling lists of vaccine objectors who refuse to comply with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) freak show.

The Biden regime has reportedly tasked the tiny Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) for the District of Columbia with gathering the names and identities of people who are just saying no to the shots using religious exemptions.

All records, we are told, will contain the objectors’ names and “personal religious information” based on “religious accommodation requests for religious exemption from the federally mandated vaccination requirement.”

An announcement about the new protocol fails to explain precisely why the Biden regime needs this information. The only thing stated is that the data will “assist the Agency in the collecting, storing, dissemination, and disposal of employee religious exemption request information collected and maintained by the Agency.”

“In other words, the list will help the agency make a list,” write Sarah Parshall Perry and GianCarlo Canaparo for The Daily Signal.

It is also unknown what the Biden regime plans to do with these lists once compiled. As of now, it remains a dark and ominous mystery.

Biden tests list-making on agency with majority-black staff

Another interesting tidbit is the fact that D.C.’s PSA has a majority-black staff that tends to be more religious and less vaccinated than the average person.

“So much for the president’s commitment to ‘racial equality,’” the Signal article writers joked. “We’re starting to suspect that President Joe Biden is not keeping his promise to have the most transparent administration in history.”


What it all means for the country is still largely unknown – but it does not sound good. The PSA is apparently being used to stealth test Biden’s new list-making policy, which will eventually be rolled out across the entirety of government.

Very few people even know the PSA exists, by the way. As of the time when the Signal article was published, the page making this announcement had only been viewed a total of 16 times.

Had Biden announced that the Department of Labor (DoL) was doing this list-making instead, it would have been big news. Because he chose the PSA instead, almost nobody knows this is even occurring.

“With the Pretrial Services Agency, Biden likely expected that the policy would land quickly and without a splash,” the Signal further reports, noting that the Federal Register is typically where announcements like this are made so that the public can comment on them.

“As it is, the notice of a new announcement provides less than 30 days for public comment.”

In other words, Biden and his cronies do not want most Americans to know that the regime is making lists of dissenters much like the authoritarian Bolsheviks of old did against their detractors.

This is a plandemic of genocide in the works, it would seem. Those who refuse to obey in getting their shots are being marked, tracked and who knows what else comes next for them once the process is completed.

Pretty much everything this regime has done so far since Biden was installed about a year ago has been both hostile and an affront to civil liberties. The most transparent administration in history is doing a really bad job of living up to its promises, and we are barely one-quarter into its rule of terror at this point in time.

“While employers, employment agencies, or unions with 100 employees or more are prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from engaging in disparate treatment and from maintaining policies or practices that result in unjustified disparate impact based on religion, this administration doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo,” the Signal further reported.

“That, at bottom, is what this policy is about.”

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