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12 Facts about vaccines that your doctor isn’t telling you



Image: 12 Facts about vaccines that your doctor isn’t telling you

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There is a lot of misinformation currently spreading regarding vaccines. Even licensed healthcare practitioners, who people are supposed to look up to as experts on these dangerous medicines, will sometimes be ignorant of the truth or outright lie about vaccines. Here are 12 facts about vaccines that doctors most likely are not telling their patients. (h/t to

Vaccines have been killing people for centuries

In the early 18th century, when France was still ruled by a king, a young Louis XV contracted smallpox. This disease had killed his father and helped lead to the death of one of his brothers. One of Louis XV’s nurses hid him from the doctors who wanted to “inoculate” him with a primitive version of today’s vaccines. This saved his life, and he went on to live to the age of 64.

The father of modern vaccines killed his own child after vaccinating him

In 1796, Dr. Edward Jenner, the creator of the world’s first modern vaccine, gave the experimental drug to his own young son. This boy soon suffered brain damage because of the vaccine, which made him mentally disabled. He later died at the age of 21 because of tuberculosis.

Because of his experiences, Jenner refused to have his other children vaccinated. He later created a new formula for the smallpox vaccine which he sold despite having “no protective value.”

Flu vaccines are made from toxic ingredients

The flu vaccine is one of the most widespread vaccines in use today. Many physicians today who inject their patients with the flu vaccine every year often refuse to disclose the toxic ingredients contained in these vaccines.


The flu vaccine contains formaldehyde, a highly toxic substance commonly used as a preservative. Contact with bare skin can cause severe burns, and inhaling the vapor can cause a severe reaction to a person’s respiratory tract.

The flu vaccine also contains thimerosal, a mercury compound that can cause all of the symptoms of mercury poisoning, including hearing and speech difficulties, muscle weakness, vision changes and nerve loss in the hands and face. (Related: FLU SHOT WARNING: Despite official recommendations, this vaccine endangers pregnant women and babies because it STILL contains MERCURY.)

The tuberculosis, polio and diphtheria vaccines caused more cases of both diseases

When the vaccines for tuberculosis, polio and diphtheria were first introduced, people all over the world soon learned that none of those vaccines prevented the diseases from spreading. On the contrary, the vaccines resulted in more cases of diphtheria, polio and tuberculosis, with evidence strongly suggesting the vaccines contributed to the spread.

In many American states, the number of people who got polio before the introduction of the vaccine was far less than those found after the deadly vaccine became widespread. In many parts of the world, governments no longer rely on the tuberculosis vaccine to control the spread of the disease.

The hepatitis B vaccine causes brain damage

The government of France used to have a mass vaccination program for children for the hepatitis B vaccine. The country ended this program almost as soon as it began after the government received more than 15,000 lawsuits. It turned out that the hepatitis B vaccine was giving children brain damage and other serious health problems.

Doctors routinely ignore legitimate reasons for not vaccinating patients

Many Big Pharma companies now publish long lists of reasons why doctors should not recommend vaccinations to patients. Despite all this information, doctors rarely provide their patients with any of this knowledge.

Vaccines are given to infants as young as eight weeks old

Vaccines are being given to infants as young as eight weeks old even though there is no scientific evidence showing that this is a safe thing to do.

The American government has paid vaccine damage compensation to parents of autistic children

Countless children in the world were rendered autistic because they were given vaccines during their infancy. In the United States, the federal government has paid millions of dollars to the families of these children.

The whooping cough vaccine causes far more harm to children than the disease itself

The introduction of the whooping cough vaccine came at a time when the number of people who were dying from this disease had already fallen far from its peak. Its introduction did not reduce the incidence of this disease.

Furthermore, children who are given the whooping cough vaccine are significantly more likely to develop brain damage because of the dangerous vaccine. Their risk of developing brain damage is as high as one in 6,000.

General practitioners in the United Kingdom receive massive payoffs from the government for giving vaccinations

The government of the United Kingdom gives bonuses to general practitioners depending on how many vaccines they administer. This bonus program extends to the administering of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

According to the chief executive of the National Health Service, health practitioners will get an extra 15 pounds ($20) for every COVID-19 vaccine shot they administer until the end of January. They receive 20 pounds ($27) per dose if they give them on Sundays.

Healthcare workers who visit households to provide COVID-19 vaccine doses will also earn a 30-pound ($40) “premium” for the visit.

As many as 3,000 children are killed or injured by vaccines each year in the US

According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, between 2,500 and 3,000 children are either killed or injured by vaccines each year.

Vaccines do not work

The one main truth that doctors do not tell their patients about vaccines is that they do not work. In fact, a vast majority of the people who receive vaccines do not develop any kind of resistance to the diseases they were supposed to be protected against.

Listen to this Situation Update episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as he talks about how the COVID-19 vaccine wars have gone kinetic as concentration camps for the unvaccinated are activated.

Listen to more episodes of the Health Ranger Report podcast on its channel on

Learn more truths about vaccines by reading the latest articles at

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Michigan Democrats Face Backlash After Telling Parents They Should Not Be Involved in What Public Schools Teach Their Children




Michigan Democrats lectured parents on Facebook this past weekend. The Democrat Party told parents they are not ‘clients’ of public schools and that public education teaches kids what society ‘needs them to know.’

A Facebook post on Saturday shared by the state’s Democrats on their official page attacked the idea that parents should be involved in what public school teaches their children.

The Democrats took the post down on Monday — not because they don’t believe the post but because it gives away their true agenda.

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FOX News reported:

A Saturday post made by the Michigan Democrats on their official Facebook page criticized the parents who want to play a role in what public education teaches their children. The post was deleted Monday morning after intense criticism.

“Not sure where this ‘parents-should-control-what-is-taught-in-schools-because-they-are-our-kids’ is originating, but parents do have the option to send their kids to a hand-selected private school at their own expense if this is what they desire,” the post read.

“The purpose of public education in public schools is not to teach kids only what parents want them to be taught,” the Michigan Democratic Party’s post continued. “It is to teach them what society needs them to know. The client of the public school is not the parent, but the entire community, the public.”

The Michigan Democratic Party later deleted that post and issued a quasi-apology.

“We have deleted a post that ignored the important role parents play—and should play—in Michigan public schools. Parents need to have a say in their children’s education, end of story,” a subsequent post on Monday stated. “The post does not reflect the views of Michigan Democrats and should not be misinterpreted as a statement of support from our elected officials or candidates.”

The state’s Republicans were sharply critical of the Democrats’ original post.

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US Army Guerrilla Warfare Exercise to Target “Freedom Fighters”




The US Army is set to conduct a “guerrilla warfare exercise” later this month in North Carolina where troops will battle against “freedom fighters.”

Yes, really.

The two week “unconventional warfare exercise” will take from from Jan. 22-Feb. 4 on privately owned land in a remote location which remains unknown.

“Called Robin Sage, the exercise serves as a final test for Special Forces Qualification Course training and it places candidates in a politically unstable country known as Pineland,” reports the Charlotte Observer.

“These military members act as realistic opposing forces and guerrilla freedom fighters, also known as Pineland resistance movement,” said the the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center.

Information about the exercise was provided to the media in a bid to avoid civilians confusing the drills with actual terrorist attacks or warfare, which has happened before.

“It will be realistic enough to include the sounds of gunfire (blanks) and flares,” said the center.

As Chris Menahan notes, a similar Robin Sage exercise in 2019 showed resistance fighters displaying a flag that says “liberty.”

“They could tell these soldiers they’re battling the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, North Koreans or other foreign enemies but instead they have them training to kill “freedom fighters” with “Liberty” flags,” writes Menahan.

The exercise will do little to dampen concerns that the Biden administration is launching a de facto ‘domestic war on terror’ targeting patriots and Trump supporters.

Following the January 6 Capitol riot, Democrats ludicrously compared the events to September 11 in an attempt to justify using federal resources that would normally be focused on actual terrorists against American conservatives.

Earlier this month, the Justice Department created a new “specialized unit focused on domestic terrorism” in response to an “elevated” threat from violent extremists in the United States.

NEW: Citing “elevated threat from domestic violent extremists,” DOJ official announces creation of new domestic terrorism unit “to augment our existing approach.”

— ABC News (@ABC) January 11, 2022

However, polls show that Americans are split on who represents the biggest threat, particularly after the Waukesha attack, its subsequent cover up, in addition to the fact that left-wing extremists spent much of 2020 rioting and burning down American cities.

A recent Schoen Cooperman Research survey found that voters are split on domestic extremism, with 23 per cent naming left-wing extremism and 21 per cent naming right-wing extremism as the greater concern.

Following the January 6 incident, Army General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he wanted to understand “white rage,” although an interest in understanding “black rage” after a sustained period of violent mayhem caused by Black Lives Matter protesters wasn’t seemingly of any importance.

“I want to understand white rage, and I’m white,” Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said while testifying before Congress, pushing back on accusations from a Republican congressman that the military was becoming too “woke.”

— The New York Times (@nytimes) June 24, 2021



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MIT-Educated Doctor Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation After Prescribing Ivermectin




An MIT-educated doctor who prescribed COVID patients Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine had her medical license suspended and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Maine’s Board of Licensure in Medicine voted to pull Dr Meryl Nass’ medical license for 30 days after accusing her of circulating “misinformation” about COVID-19.

Health officials asserted that Nass “constitutes an immediate jeopardy to the health and physical safety of the public who might receive her medical services” as a result of her procuring anti-viral drugs to treat COVID.

The medical board voted to suspend Nass after receiving just two complaints that she was posting false information on her blog and on Twitter.

A doctor informed the Maine board of how he was contacted by the son of a patient who claimed his father was “borderline delirious” and “not doing well” after being prescribed Ivermectin by Nass.

Nass also self-reported to the medical board when she admitted obtaining Hydroxychloroquine by falsely claiming her COVID patient was suffering from Lyme disease.

“This was the only way to get a potentially life-saving drug for my patient,” said Ness.

This is why so few doctors are willing to speak up. In this crazy world, they are risking everything for not toeing the line. This is someone who showed actual courage.

— DMChowdhs (@DChowdhs) January 18, 2022

In her blog posts, Ness has questioned the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines, asserting that they are associated with reproductive harm.

Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have proven controversial because they are not officially authorized by the FDA to treat COVID, but some doctors and prominent public figures have asserted that they work well against the virus.

The media has also engaged in misinformation surrounding Ivermectin, with the Associated Press having to apologize for falsely claiming that 70 per cent of calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center were about people ingesting ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

CNN refused to apologize to Joe Rogan after falsely claiming the podcast host took “horse dewormer,” despite Rogan having been given Ivermectin, a drug routinely used to treat humans, by a licensed doctor.

“They shouldn’t have said it was horse dewormer,” acknowledged CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta during an appearance on Rogan’s show.

Last week, Rogan accused CNN of doctoring a video of himself from last year in which the host announced that he had COVID.

Joe Rogan asks Sanjay Gupta if it bothers him that CNN outright lied about Rogan taking horse dewormer to recover from covid. This is fantastic:

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) October 14, 2021



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