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Will This Be the End of the Great American Experiment? Democrats’ Efforts to Pass ‘Right to Cheat’ Bill Will End Free and Fair US Elections Forevermore – Here’s What You Can Do…




It’s all about power.  Will elections in the US continue or will the Democrats pass HR1 which will end this great American experiment? 

Barack Obama and Joe Biden wouldn’t accept the 2016 election win of President Trump so they attempted to steal it.  When that didn’t work they put together a series of coups to have him removed from office.  This harassment and insurrection went on for years.

There was no Russia collusion, everyone knew it.  But this was the excuse the Deep State used to end Trump.  When they couldn’t do it they then stole the 2020 Election.  Their efforts to date have only made President Trump’s base stronger and more resolved to take this country back for our children and grandchildren.

We are the majority and we are getting bigger and stronger.

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The Democrats know they cannot win elections with their insane, America-destroying policies.  So they now want to steal elections forevermore.  HR1 will federalize elections making voter IDs and proof of US citizenship a thing of the past.  Individuals can sign up for the election on the day of the election.  Elections will end and the winners will be the counters and those who throw the most ballots into drop boxes at 2 am in the morning.  The US will officially become a banana republic.

Rush Limbaugh knew this in October 2020 before the election.

“Democrats Want to End Elections” – Rush Limbaugh Predicted Perfectly in October How Democrats Would Cheat and Steal This Year’s Election

The Democrats now want to codify the stolen election of 2020 by pushing through HR1.  If this passes nothing else matters. 

Free and fair elections will be a thing of the past.  

The Democrats know it.  Like they were willing to do anything to steal the 2020 Election, they will do anything to pass HR1.  This is a communist takeover.  Redstate reports:

Over the weekend, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attacked Republican election integrity bills, claiming they were a “legislative continuation of Jan. 6.” Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) gave the game away, admitting that the real purpose of their ‘voting rights’ push was a federal takeover of elections. Clyburn claimed that the “federal elections cannot be left up to the states, should not be left up to the states.” It’s all about control.

But now Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is saying the quiet part out loud too, explaining that the Democrats — “every single senator”– are worried that they will lose their races if Democrats don’t control elections.

Of course, Obama is behind it and he made it known today per Daily Mail:

Barack Obama joined the campaign to pressure Democratic senators into supporting voting rights legislation, backing Joe Biden‘s demand to kill the filibuster, calling it a tool to ‘prop up Jim Crown.’

The former president, in an op-ed published in USA Today, writes the Senate filibuster ‘has no basis in the Constitution’ and arguing it was used by Southern senators to block civil rights legislation that disinfranchised black voters.

‘I fully support President Joe Biden’s call to modify Senate rules as necessary to make sure pending voting rights legislation gets called for a vote,’ Obama wrote.

Today feckless and senile Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Congress to push for HR1.

This is serious.  Pass the HR1 and the elimination of the filibuster and end the country as we know it.  It’s that simple. 

The Democrats will do anything to pass HR1.  One thought is that today the corrupt Democrats in the House will send a message to Schumer with a NASA bill that they will vote on today.  In that NASA bill, the Democrats will insert the America-ending HR1 bill.  They will then send it to the Senate which will debate the bill and then Schumer will vote on HR1 using the nuclear option and a simple majority to pass the bill.  If all Democrats in the Senate vote on the bill, America will end.

You can help.  The Tea Party Patriots have provided the following list of action items:

See below for links to our four action campaigns hosted on the AlignAct platform. You can do all four in about five minutes.

Simply click on the links below – if it’s your first time using AlignAct, you will register (your address is needed to know who your elected officials are) – and you will be directed to the campaign. With a few clicks you’ll be able to post to social media, send an email, sign a petition, and finally, it will show you the names, phone numbers, and a very short script to use when you call the elected officials we are targeting. Powerful!

1 – Speak Out Against President Biden’s Election Integrity Deceptions!

This campaign is a social media campaign that pushes back on the inaccuracies of Joe Biden’s Tuesday’s speech.

2 – Save the Senate!

This campaign is to show support for Senators Manchin and Sinema, encouraging them to stay strong in their opposition to changing the filibuster. They are under intense pressure from the Left.

3 – Dear Senators: Keep Your Promise to Protect the Filibuster!

This campaign is targeted at several Democrats who signed a 2017 letter defending the filibuster. Further, it urges Senators McConnell and Schumer to not make any filibuster changes.

4 – Save the Filibuster, Save Our Elections!

This campaign allows everyone to contact their own Senators, urging them to protect and defend the filibuster, and to vote no on the federal takeover of our elections.

Finally, please forward this information to your networks as well – we must get the word out!

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300,000 Brits Have ‘Stealth’ Heart Condition That Could Kill Them ‘In 5 Years,’ Researchers Say





 By Andrew White

 January 27, 2022 at 11:02am

Doctors are urgently warning people in the United Kingdom that 300,000 Brits are living with a “stealth” heart condition that could kill them within five years.

A report by The Sun warned that some 300,000 Brits in the United Kingdom are living with a “stealth” heart disease that could kill them in five years, according to researchers in the UK and Australia.

A third of the people with the mysterious heart disease are “likely to have no idea they are infected because they do not show clear symptoms.”

The disease, aortic valve stenosis (AS) is a heart condition that “often shows no symptoms until it’s already too late.”

From the report:

The condition is when the heart’s aortic valve narrows, reducing or blocking blood flow from the heart into the main artery to the body (aorta).

This can cause chest pain, dizziness, fatigue, or a rapid, fluttering heartbeat in the more severe and life-threatening cases.

Some people are more prone to getting it, including those of older age, with diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart conditions from birth.

Given the ageing of the UK population, it is thought that there may be a large pool of as yet undiagnosed people.

Does the COVID-19 vaccine adversely impact the heart?

Researchers in the UK and Australia set out to estimate how many people could be living with the condition now, and of those, how many are at risk of death.

According to the researchers, 1.5% of people over the age of 55 in the UK at any one time could have severe AS, equal to around 300,000 people.

Just under 200,000 of them were symptomatic, indicating that they had a severe case of the disease and were eligible for surgery.

The remaining 90,000 had a “silent” case and will “probably not be diagnosed” unless they are screened for other issues.

Without timely treatment, researchers say, an estimated 172,859 people will die over the next five years heading into 2024, meaning 35,000 people every year, with 10,000 of those deaths being among 55-64 year olds.

Studies have shown that people with a severe case of AS who do not get treated with surgery have a 25% chance of dying within the first year after symptoms begin, with the risk increasing to 50% in the second year.

The researchers, led by Geoffrey Strange, a cardiologist at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, said: “In conclusion, this study suggests that severe [aortic stenosis] is a common condition affecting many individuals within the UK population aged 55 [and older].

“Without appropriate detection and intervention, their survival prospects are likely to be poor.”

The researchers are concerned the NHS will not be able to cope with the wave of older people with aortic disease over the next few years.

The research comes as some remain concerned that myocarditis and other heart conditions known to be side effects of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines are not being taken seriously.

Some suggested the new warning regarding AS and the COVID-19 vaccines could be linked, though National File was not able to find evidence confirming this.

It’s the jabs!! Don’t flannel the truth! This stealth heart disease bollocks is just the cover up to justify the coming deaths!!!

— Truthseeker1984 (@Truthseeker1985) January 27, 2022

hey vaxxers.

they’re already setting up the excuse when you mindless sheep start dying.

300,000 Brits living with stealth disease that could kill within 5 years

— Talking Surface Monkey (@blackbarthnews) January 27, 2022

Cover stories already circulating to cover long term vax injuries in the next 5 years????

— Marmite 🌸🌸🌸 (@marmite2021) January 27, 2022

About the Author:

Andrew White is a Northern Virginia native. His work here at National File has been previously featured on Alex Jones’ Infowars and Revolver News. White is a constitutionalist Patriot, who focuses on social issues, election integrity, globalism, US politics, as well as general corporate and government corruption.

National File is committed to ensuring your voice can and will be heard. To keep your speech free, we are switching our commenting platform to Insticator. Don’t worry! All you have to do is create a commenting account with Insticator. We will be transferring previous comments to our new site, and then you will be able to link your past comments to your new Insticator account. If you have any feedback or questions about your Insticator commenting account, please email them at: [email protected]

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HERE IT IS: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Publishes Letter Announcing His Retirement




Justice Breyer on Thursday officially announced his retirement from the Supreme Court after 27 years on the bench.

Joe Biden and Stephen Breyer will be speaking at 12:30 on Thursday where the president will announce his new SCOTUS nominee to replace Breyer.

Advertisement – story continues below

Stephen Breyer, a Bill Clinton appointee, released a letter about his retirement.

Justice Breyer said he plans to retire at the end of the current SCOTUS term (June/July).

TRENDING: Fauci Proposes Three Shot Series for Babies 6-Months-Old Up to Children 4-Years-Old (Video)

Read it here:

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Judge Forces Trump Attorney to Turn Over 1,500 Pages a Day for Liz Cheney’s Amusement




A California judge is forcing Trump Attorney John Eastman to review and turn over at least 1,500 documents a day in the Democrat Party’s continued harassment and abuse of the opposition party.

Eastman, a staunch Trump supporter, is a major target of the communist left in their ongoing attempt to crush their opponents and send a message to the people of America. NO dissent will be allowed.

Liz Cheney and her committee members must be very pleased.

Eastman was outspoken in his belief that the 2020 election was stolen from the most popular president in American history. Trump recorded more votes by a sitting President in a national election. A majority of Americans to this day believe the election was decided by fraudulent means.

TRENDING: Fauci Proposes Three Shot Series for Babies 6-Months-Old Up to Children 4-Years-Old (Video)

Via Newsmax:

A federal judge Wednesday night ruled that former President Donald Trump’s lawyer must review at least 1,500 pages of records per business day and immediately transfer any unprivileged documents to the House Jan. 6 committee.

Judge David Carter, of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, ordered attorney John Eastman to begin producing pages to congressional investigators beginning Friday, Politico reported.

Any documents Eastman deems privileged must be given to Carter. If the committee challenges the lawyer’s claim, the judge will review the records to determine whether the assertion was valid before holding a hearing to adjudicate the privilege disputes.

Carter earlier rejected Eastman’s attempt to block the committee’s subpoena for 19,000 pages of emails held by his former employer, Chapman University. Eastman has claimed that many of the emails relate to his legal clients and therefore be subject to potential attorney-client privilege.

The Wednesday night ruling showed that Carter is taking a more hands-on approach than any federal judge so far to assist the Jan. 6 select committee’s effort to access specific documents from a reluctant witness.

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