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Here it comes: Food prices set to skyrocket throughout 2022 as rising costs hit small-to-medium-sized farms



Image: Here it comes: Food prices set to skyrocket throughout 2022 as rising costs hit small-to-medium-sized farms

(Natural News)
Joe Biden is quickly becoming known as ‘The Inflation President’ as prices rise on just about everything that Americans need to survive, including food.

And what’s more, prices are not expected to drop anytime soon because this administration is simply not competent.

The Epoch Times reports that due to ever-rising costs on small to mid-sized farms, food prices are set to skyrocket at least through 2022 and likely beyond, meaning wage gains that Americans experienced throughout the Trump administration are quickly dissipating as they pay more at the grocery store, the gas pump and in monthly energy and clothing expenses.

The outlet adds:

Fertilizer prices have risen during the past year, with several retail price tags going up by more than 100 percent, according to DTN, a Minnesota-based company that provides real-time weather, agricultural, energy, and commodity market information.

More than half of America’s large farmers are anticipating prices for inputs such as fertilizer and fuel to go up by more than 12 percent in 2022, according to a Purdue University poll.

Jon Schwalls, head of Southern Valley Fruit and Vegetables, told the outlet that production costs are rising throughout all sectors of the company’s operation, noting that small farmers are being squeezed particularly hard. The farming operation, based in Georgia, saw an increase of 48 percent in fuel costs last year — and prices are continuing to rise — while packing materials increased 18 percent, pallets by 75 percent, and refrigerants by a whopping 200 percent in 2021.


Fiona M. Scott Morton, professor of economics at the Yale University School of Management, notes that inflation, generally, does not affect small farms any differently than larger ones. She says if costs rise across the board, then operations of all sizes are hit that depend on the same goods — fertilizer, transportation, electricity and other line items — in order to operate, The Epoch Times reports.

Prices on food, commodities and energy have been rising for the past year — practically since Biden took office after the deep state stole Donald Trump’s reelection from him. Consumers who managed to see their wages rise throughout Trump’s term thanks to massive rollbacks in corporate and small business taxes (as well as personal income tax reductions) have seen those gains erased under Biden.

“Consumers saw price increases during 2021 as well, reflected in a 7 percent increase in the Consumer Price Index in December 2021, a 39-year high,” The Epoch Times reported.

“Prices for food eaten at home rose by 6.5 percent overall from the year before, with some segments falling below this mark and others surpassing it. The index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs rose by 12.5 percent during 2021, though it did fall by 0.4 percent in the final month of the year. Beef prices in particular rose by 21 percent year-over-year in November 2021,” the outlet continued.

Dairy prices went up as well, though not as much, accounting for the smallest increase among the various food categories, rising 1.6 percent last year. Fruits and vegetables, by comparison, rose 5 percent year-over-year and nearly a full percent in December.

The only thing that has saved consumers from larger price increases are pre-signed contracts spanning most of 2021, which locked-in prices, but, as producers know, many of those contracts are set to expire in short order. The new contracts will have to account for the massive price increases that producers have had to pay.

“As these expire, there is going to be a hard reset,” Schwalls told The Epoch Times.

Darius Campeau, president of Ottawa Valley Meats, told the outlet that labor costs have also increased.

“In order for us to maintain production, we had to provide raises, bringing our average wage from $24 per hour to $33 per hour,” he said.

The perfect storm of inflation was created when ‘health experts’ like Anthony Fauci convinced their governments to shut down their economies over COVID. Now all consumers everywhere will literally have to pay the price for those calamitous decisions unless they can figure out alternatives.

Sources include:

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Extensive analysis of trial data finds that Pfizer covid jab does “more harm than good”



Image: Extensive analysis of trial data finds that Pfizer covid jab does “more harm than good”

(Natural News)
A deep analysis of Pfizer’s trial data has revealed that the company’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” is likely to “increase illness rather than reduce it.”

The Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA) compiled this new research in a 50-page PDF presentation and corresponding video. (The video is available at LifeSiteNews.)

The presentation begins with the CCCA quantifying and contextualizing Pfizer’s claim that its jab is 95 percent effective seven days after the second dose. It is revealed that this 95 percent figure actually refers to a Relative Risk Reduction or RRR.

The Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) figure, which is how most people are thinking about it, is a paltry 0.84 percent efficacy – meaning the jab provides zero protection against the Fauci Flu, statistically speaking (a short video explaining the difference between RRR and ARR is also available at LifeSiteNews).

In Pfizer’s covid injection trial, eight out of 18,198 participants who got vaccinated were reported to have later developed covid. In the unvaccinated placebo group, 162 out of 18,325 were reported to have developed covid as well.

Based on Pfizer’s own trial data, even without getting vaccinated the risk of contracting covid was a mere 0.88 percent compared to 0.04 percent (supposedly) in the vaccinated group.

“This means that the net benefit or ARR that is shown in the trial is 0.84 percent,” writes Kennedy Hall. “The 95 percent number comes from relative difference between the 0.88 percent number from the unvaccinated group and the 0.04 from the vaccinated group.”


Cardiovascular deaths occurring at twice the rate in the fully vaccinated

On top of that, it was discovered that Pfizer’s covid injection actually makes people more ill. Instead of reducing one’s risk of infection, the Pfizer jab – again, based on the company’s own data – showed a “level one evidence of harm” in six-month report data.

Compared to the placebo group, the vaccinated group saw a noticeable “increase in illness and deaths,” proving once again that getting jabbed is a fool’s game.

“The jabbed group data showed an increase in adverse events in most every category,” Hall adds.

“This information was included in the Pfizer report, but only in the supplementary appendix which is difficult to find. There was a 300 percent increase in adverse events determined to have been caused by the product in the jabbed group.”

As far as severe adverse events go – meaning conditions that greatly inhibit a person’s ability to function normally – getting jabbed with Pfizer caused these to spike by 75 percent.

There was also an increase in the overall death rate in the vaccinated group compared to the placebo group. A total of 20 deaths were later recorded in the jabbed group while only 14 were counted in the un-jabbed group.

Cardiovascular-related deaths were also twice as common in the vaccinated group, it was revealed. This corroborates with other research showing that heart-related conditions, including heart attacks, are on the rise in fully vaccinated people.

All of this presents an “unacceptable risk” to human health, especially in children, noted CCCA. Calls to mass-inject five- to 11-year-olds with these things, as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are now doing, is simply ludicrous and insane.

This revelation, CCCA says, “represents a real opportunity to hold our leaders accountable because this is not opinion or modeling or real-world evidence that can be dismissed or manipulated, but level-one evidence from a randomized controlled trial.”

“As if we need more proof of a crime against humanity,” wrote a LifeSiteNews commenter. “And showing few signs of stopping – here, three jabs are mandated by our chief-crook-in-charge.”

More of the latest news about the dangers and ineffectiveness of Fauci Flu shots can be found at

Sources for this article include:

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Canada’s “buried children” mass hysteria story turns out to be a giant HOAX



Image: Canada’s “buried children” mass hysteria story turns out to be a giant HOAX

(Natural News)
Remember that story we published about the Canadian radio host who called for churches to be burned to the ground because they supposedly sit atop ancient burial grounds of the “First Nations?” It turns out that the whole thing is a hoax.

The alleged “discovery” of “buried children” at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, which became a major media sensation throughout Canada and abroad last year, is false, we now know.

Before any remains were found or even just a credible report published, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau started blabbing his mouth about how it represents “a dark and shameful chapter” in Canadian history.

British Columbia Premier John Horgan added to the cringe by stating publicly that he was “horrified and heartbroken” to learn about the nonexistent burial site, which we were told highlights the “violence and consequences of the residential school system.”

The theatrics continued after that with several Aboriginal communities and media outlets talking about unmarked graves. On May 30, the Canadian government even lowered the flags on all of its buildings to half-staff, as well as instituted a new holiday to honor the “missing” children and survivors of the residential schools.

“Spontaneously, clusters of shoes and orange shirts and other paraphernalia were placed on church steps in many cities or on the steps of legislatures in memory of the little victims,” reports further explain.

“Around the country, churches were burned or vandalized. Statues were spray-painted and pulled down in apparent retaliation for the fate of the children. The statue of Queen Victoria in front of the Manitoba Legislature was defaced and pulled down. Montreal’s statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, was knocked down, his detached bronze head symbolically rolling on the ground.”


All governments and media seem to do anymore is lie

All of this and more continued on and on as the tale ballooned into a bizarre narrative about how “thousands” of children had “gone missing” from these residential schools. Suddenly people started referring to “mass graves” where bodies were supposedly dumped.

The only problem is that the whole thing was fake. It needlessly prompted the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to declare that “a large-scale human rights violation” had occurred, even though it never actually did.

Even the Roman Catholic Church ended up with egg on its face after reporting that “thorough investigations” had occurred, resulting in the discovery of “a mass grave containing the remains of over 200 children.” This was a flat-out lie as not a single verified body had been exhumed.

“By never pointing out that it is only a matter of speculation or potentiality, and that no remains have yet been found, governments and the media are simply granting credence to what is really a thesis: the thesis of the ‘disappearance’ of children from residential schools,” reported the Dorchester Review about the fiasco.

“From an allegation of ‘cultural genocide’ endorsed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) we have moved to ‘physical genocide,’ a conclusion that the Commission explicitly rejects in its report. And all of this is based only on soil abnormalities that could easily be caused by root movements, as the anthropologist herself cautioned in the July 15 press conference.”

Anthropologist Scott Hamilton, who worked on residential school cemeteries between 2013-2015, warns that it is critical to be very careful with the use of ground-penetrating radar because the soil may have been disturbed over the years by “sedimentary texture, … culturally-derived unconformities, obstructions or voids.”

“The exhumations have not yet begun and no remains have obviously been found,” the Dorchester Review added. “Imaginary stories and emotion have outweighed the pursuit of truth.”

More related news about fake things that were reported as real can be found at

Sources for this article include:

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