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Meet the New Cast Members of Cheer Season 2




“Cheer” Star Morgan Simianer Talks Finally Living On Her Own

The return of Cheer has us doing cartwheels around the room!

Our favorite cheer team, Navarro, is back on Netflix for season two on Jan. 12, and they’re ready to defend their championship title. In the nine-episode season, the team will have to compete against one of its biggest rivals, Trinity Valley Community College.

But not only do we get to see a new rival, we get to meet more members of the Navarro squad. Joining the existing members we all know and love—Lexi Brumback, La’Darius Marshall, Gabi Butler and Morgan Simianer—comes Gillian Rupert, Cassadee Dunlap and Maddy Bru.

In the new season, directed by Greg Whiteley, “the buzz around their newfound stardom threatens to alter the dynamic of Navarro Cheer, the team finds no amount of press frenzy could compare to the challenges they must face when COVID-19 upends the 2020 cheer season and a serious criminal accusation is levied at one of their teammates,” according to the show’s description. 

While we wait for the season two premiere of Cheer on Jan. 12, scroll through to meet the newest members on the Navarro Cheer team, as well as the Trinity Valley Community College squad.

gillianrupert_ / Instagram

Gillian Rupert

Instagram: @gillianrupert_

Another promising young talent and member of the rookie class, Gillian has a chance to shine when she makes mat.

cassadeedimples / Instagram

Cassadee Dunlap

Instagram: @cassadeedimples

A former child pageant star, who has appeared on TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras, she credits that experience for teaching her to smile through the pain.

maddybrum / Instagram

Maddy Brum

Instagram: @maddybrum

Originally from Massachusetts, Maddy recently joined Navarro and is one of the best all around athletes on the team.


Coach Vontae Johnson

Instagram: @vontae_johnson

A former football player, Vontae has been the head coach of The Cardinals for three years, and is a former member of the team. He’s determined to return TVCC to its former glory (before Monica, TVCC was the premiere cheer college).


Angel Rice

Instagram: @qangel_rice

With over 350k followers on Instagram and a Guinness Book of World Records holder for the most double full twists performed in one minute, Angel is a star in the cheer world and her tumbling is unmatched.


Jada Wooten

Instagram: @jadawooten_

A strong leader on the team, Jada almost left the sport after a nasty fall, but credits Vontae for coaching her through it.


Jeron Hazelwood

Instagram: @prince_jeron

A big personality and star on the team, Jeron tried out for Navarro in 2016, but didn’t make the cut.

DeVonte “Dee” Joseph

Instagram: @tumbling_dee

An incredibly talented tumbler who turned down Navarro for TVCC. Though he’s unmatched in skill, he “has attitude and performance issues.”

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The Rap Duo Who Inspired Mary J. Blige’s Iconic Blonde Hair and How She Found Her Confidence




When Mary J. Blige stepped onto the scene in 1992 singing her first single ‘You Remind Me’ from her debut album ‘What’s The 411’ she was like no other R&B singer we’ve ever seen before,  but was that girl next door we knew who lived around the way.  She didn’t wear ball gowns or exuded pristine feminism, she stepped on the scene in Armani Suits, wearing door knocker earrings, furs, and Timberland boots with bold blonde and red hair.  “When I got in the business, I was already blonde. I was already red. I was already doing those colors. I wasn’t searching for an image. I was my own image,” she says in an interview for Elle Magazine. Identity, Her own personal image, meant everything to young Blige. “That’s what was cool about the hood—everybody had an identity. Nobody wanted to look like the next person. Nobody was trying to duplicate anybody,” she says. And nobody in her circle had been bold enough to try blonde hair—yet.  Until the day she got a look at Salt from rap group Salt and Peppa in the ‘Shake Your Thing’ music video and she was hooked. “When I saw Salt’s hair was platinum, it was done. Game over,” Blige says. “I used peroxide to lift my hair color all the way up to platinum [blonde],” and she’s been one shade of blonde or another ever since.  

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hi2O-wB7PPPrVa5DJY8i0WYcKkSrnKVteULd5Duhf5S8TUbwH8Zu_9XAA6FGobLXU0v_BsBEpfu_JfIGNF2Zg1iRWkjXfWZpEdvGpwj78w06JI6BgTST79LQ0LQ242ZDedPV9k1D

Through all the  “Ghetto Fabulous” looks that we’ve come to love and emulate of Blige. What we all failed to realize is, Mary didn’t feel pretty.  “I didn’t feel beautiful—like for real for real, not just ‘Hey, I’m pretty but actually believing it—until about 2016,”  She stated. It was during the filming of the movie ‘Mudbound’ in which she starred in, that she finally saw her true self, Mary, without the weave, hair color, eyelashes.

“During Mudbound and when I was married, I was feeling so low. I had to pay myself the highest compliments, even if I didn’t believe it, just so I could build myself up,” Blige says. “I would do it in the morning because that’s the time when your hair is not done and you don’t have on makeup. You’re just kind of dealing with yourself for real.” She still wakes up and recites the same words: “Good morning, Gorgeous. I love you. I got you. I need you.” “ ‘This chick is beautiful,’ ” she says. “So I started to believe it and started to pay myself high compliments to get past that feeling and that fear.” she continues. “It’s not just the hairstyles and the clothing and the skin. It’s how I reinvent myself through trials and perseverance. Am I going to quit? No, I’m going to go to the next level. It’s painful to go to the next level because change is hard. But people see me come out and they think, ‘It’s just her skin or her hair.’ No, it’s her. It’s me. I’m really choosing to be a better, stronger person,” she says.   “I won’t say hair gave me strength. I’d say I give my hair strength. Whatever I’m wearing, I’m able to have the strength to carry it now, which I was not able to have in the last layer of my life. Hair is beautiful, but I can’t carry it with confidence if I’m not confident. Because then it’d just be a weave, or it’d just be blonde hair or my [natural] hair.”  We love seeing Mary at her highest and best self, and we are here for every hair look, designer outfit, and shoe moment.  Click HERE to read the full article.  

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NLE Choppa Reveals Details of How His Spiritual Journey Saved Him From Self Harm




NLE Choppa is sharing details about his evolution as a person and musician. Choppa stopped by The Breakfast Club on Wednesday and opened up about everything from his spiritual journey using prayer and meditation to his alleged beef with rapper NBA Youngboy.

The 19-year old Memphis native shared some of his personal lows and revealed feeling that “suicide was in consideration.”

“Honestly, it was just a feeling internally I was feeling. Just seeking some type of peace, some type of love that I felt like I wasn’t getting through the industry.”

The “Shotta Flow” rapper continued,

“’Cuz I feel like when you blow up, you get introduced to drugs, jewelry, money, sex. Everything that you want, but nothing you need. And I just realized, internally it was something I needed deeper than that, that my soul was happy with.” Choppa explained, “I was at my lowest. To the point where I felt like suicide was in consideration. Once you get that low, that’s when you the most dangerous, because if you don’t care about yourself, you don’t care about sh*t around you.”

On his alleged beef with Youngboy Never Broke Again, the “Walk Em Down” rapper says his gripe with YB came after Choppa’s attempt to defend the late King Von. He explained that he only said certain things because Von’s not “able to defend his name.”

“I made certain comments because my brother Von. That’s what I made a comment on. Defending his name, because he’s not able to defend his name. One of the things I hate is when a person isn’t here to defend they name.”

NLE Choppa explains, “I feel like violence come from how you move. I feel like beef is all about how you move. It’s what you do with the negativity. Some internet stuff, some word of mouth stuff is never beef with me. Cause at the same time, I know what I’m living through. I live in peace, bruh.”

NLE Choppa is dropping his new project Me Vs. Me dropping January 28.

Watch the full interview below.

Share your thoughts on Choppa sharing his spiritual journey and living in peace on social media with us.

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Rolling Stone Live Returns for Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles




As the sporting world descends on Los Angeles in anticipation of the city’s first Super Bowl hosting gig in nearly 30 years, another storied event will also make its long overdue comeback. Rolling Stone is back to host one of Super Bowl Weekend’s most sought-after events: Rolling Stone Live. This year’s party will be hosted at Academy in Los Angeles, continuing a decade of tradition that has cemented Rolling Stone as a fixture during football’s biggest weekend.

And after a year away, it’s only appropriate that Rolling Stone Live comes back with a bang: Kid LAROI will be the headlining performer at this year’s event, joining a star-studded list of past performers including Megan Thee Stallion, Diddy, Migos, Ciara, Nas, Avicii, Ludacris, Young Thug, Diplo, Questlove, T-Pain, French Montana, and DJ Khaled. Past events have included everything from album sneak peaks to special appearances, and this year’s party promises to have a few surprises up its sleeve with performances by Kaskade, Tinashe, Ian Dior and a show-stopping DJ set by Lil Jon from the MCM-sponsored outdoor stage.

Presenting partner Coinbase will have a tangible presence throughout the evening as the cryptocurrency platform and Rolling Stone team up to unveil the creation of an exclusive NFT. Designed in partnership with a collective of the industry’s most exciting creators, the digital artwork will be offered as a limited drop to Coinbase Wallet holders before it goes up for auction on the brand’s peer-to-peer NFT Marketplace later this year.

Leading up to the event in February, Rolling Stone will be on-site hosting studio sessions in partnership with Twitch and Doordash. The studio will double as a fan engagement experience, with Rolling Stone broadcasting in the week leading up to Super Bowl LVI from its Los Angeles-based headquarters with exclusive interviews from its creators studio and livestream video sessions leading up to the big game.

Tickets are available for purchase HERE, and if you’re a loyal Vivid Seats reward member you may just be in luck—the popular ticketing platform is gifting free entry and on-site VIP experiences to a select number of loyalty program members. Rolling Stone Live is back, and there’s no doubt that it’s making up for lost time.

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