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Mainstream scientists now embracing vaccine depopulation explanation for why the vaccines are killing so many people



Image: Mainstream scientists now embracing vaccine depopulation explanation for why the vaccines are killing so many people

(Natural News)
A growing number of ‘mainstream’ scientists are coming to the conclusion that the COVID-19 vaccines, at least some of them, have actually been designed to depopulate the planet and rid the world of a growing number of dependents and those who are not strong enough to stand on their own and ‘produce’ for the globalist regime.

“After hearing the witness statements to the German Corona Investigative Committee by former vice president of Pfizer Dr. Mike Yeadon who has been a scientist for 36 years, lawyers with Reiner Füllmich draw the same conclusion: The injections normally called Corona vaccines are designed to experiment on the human race and to find out what dosage of a yet unknown toxin is needed in order to kill people,” Free West Media noted in a recent report.

Continuing, the outlet cited Yeadon, who noted that the rising mortality rates linked to the vaccines are directly linked to certain lot numbers on different batches, with some appearing to be more lethal than others. When looking at the body of evidence, it must be concluded that the vaccines, which have been shipped globally, are designed to largely reduce the dependent population consisting mostly of the infirmed and elderly, two demographics that are viewed as burdensome on societies, the lawyers involved in the analyses conclude.

Dr. Füllmich told Perspektiv, for instance, that the attorneys are preparing international legal action and no longer doubt what the objective has been all along, which is why globalist Western ‘democracies’ have been pushing vaccines so hard, as well as vaccine mandates: “Poisoning and mass murder through so-called Corona vaccines is intentionally being perpetrated against the peoples of the world,” Free West Media added.


In an interview, journalist Ulf Bittner from EU/EES Healthcare blog and Sverige Granskas said that there are links between vaccine lot numbers that are traceable to injuries and deaths to regions of Sweden, according to the outlet, which added: “Bittner is in contact with a vaccine coordinator who has provided documents to keep track of how many people have been injured and lost their lives related to the different batches of the so-called vaccines.”

Some highlights from the interview:

— Different barcode numbers from vaccine doses indicate that some are just placebos and that those have been administered to politicians so as not to harm them, according to a Slovenian nurse. “Is it the same in other countries?”

— Lot numbers for top vaccine manufacturers Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and BioNTech-Pfizer have much higher mortality rates than vaccines made by other pharmaceutical companies.

— Vaccine makers are currently still experimenting with doses to find out which ones are the most lethal, Dr. Füllmich stated, citing the Corona Investigative Committee. Those findings constitute evidence for massive punitive damages and charges of murder and attempted murder.

— Indian lawyers have already filed a case alleging premeditated murder.

— There is a concentrated smear campaign being waged against anyone of authority or knowledge who speaks out against the vaccines or any pandemic-related mandates and regulations. They are being labeled “right-wing extremists” and their reputations are being attacked in an effort to silence and/or discredit the opposition. That includes former Pfizer VP Mike Yeadon.

— If the lawsuits are successful, then at least $1 million per person will be demanded.

— Earlier in the pandemic, just 10 percent of adverse effects were being reported, but that figure has now fallen to around 1 percent, according to the experts.

— “Over the span of this past year there has been an excess mortality of 40 percent,” the CEO of a life insurance company in Indiana has testified, which is believed to be due to the vaccines.

— “Any vaccine is a poison, it is the dosage which makes the difference. This is not a vaccine, as a vaccine provides immunity, while these products demand incessant injections. Either a vaccine works or it does not,” the outlet reports, citing the interview.

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Report: Detroit Man Accused of Setting Fire to Girlfriend Pregnant with Twins Bonds Out for $5,000




A 41-year-old Detroit man accused of setting fire to his girlfriend, who is pregnant with twins, has bonded out of a Wayne County jail for just $5,000 after posting ten percent of his $50,000 bond, according to a report.

“Police said Devonne Marsh got into an argument with his girlfriend at their Detroit home off Packard and Outer Drive last Friday, Jan. 14, and he doused her with lighter fluid before setting her on fire,” WJBK reports.

According to the latest reporting from the outlet:

Devonne Marsh was released from the Wayne County Jail Friday morning. According to documents with the jail, he was released from custody just before 11:20 a.m. on Friday. He’s now out on bond with multiple conditions including no weapons, no drug use, and is ordered not to go to their shared apartment.

However, FOX 2 has learned that Marsh has a hold in Macomb County for other charges so while he’s posted bail in Wayne County, he is not currently free.

A man charged with setting his girlfriend – who was 6 months pregnant with twins – on fire, there was shock that his bond was set as low as $50,000 with 10%. Now, for just $5,000, he’s made bail.

— FOX 2 Detroit (@FOX2News) January 21, 2022

At about 10:40 on January 14, Detroit Police received a tip “that a woman was being held against her will and tortured,” according to WDIZ. At the scene, officers said they found the 26-year-old pregnant woman, with severe burns to her legs and stomach, lying on a bed in the basement of the home. Officers said she could hardly move.

The 26-year-old is in critical condition with burns to 60 percent of her body, and “It’s not yet known if her babies will survive,” WJBK reports. She is six and a half months pregnant.

“How do you do this to another human being? I can’t – it’s unimaginable,” Commander Michael McGinnis of the Detroit Police Department told WJBK. 

“Just incredibly traumatic injuries, I did see pictures and I mean the pain that she must be suffering – I can’t imagine,” he said. 

 Marsh, 41, was arrested and is charged with “kidnapping/abduction, aggravated/felonious assault and violation of the controlled substance act,” according to WDIZ.

He is a parole absconder with a lengthy rap sheet according to WJBK, including previous charges for guns, assault, and drugs.

“Marsh pleaded guilty in Macomb County Circuit Court to four counts of delivering more than 50 grams of cocaine in 2019 and was sentenced to two years probation,” Macomb Daily reports.

The victim had been too scared to report the abuse she was enduring, and Heaven of Oakland County CEO Aimee Nimeh told WJBK that victims often fear retaliation from their abusers when speaking up.

“Fear is part of the relationship and so absolutely there is fear of retaliation,” Nimeh explained.

She added that victims are often frightened by low bonds.

“The court system can be very overwhelming; the process can be complicated,” she said. “It’s not just that court is a little scary, it’s also that what happens next with that assailant that might be coming out, that might be walking free. How do you stay safe in that situation?”

McGinnis previously said he had hoped Marsh, who ended up making bond, remained in custody.

“We just hope that he remains in custody through the trial process so that the victim can heal without the fear of any kind of retribution from him,” McGinnis said.

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Wilson: GOP Wants 2024 to Be Last Election — Like the Ba’ath Party in Iraq




Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson said Friday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that the Republican Party wanted the 2024 presidential election to be the last election in America.

Wilson said, “They’re trying to throw so much friction into voting and all the sand into the machine, especially in communities they don’t feel will be reliable voters for them. So they are not going to bitch and moan about early voting in a red county. ”

He continued, “This is exactly the kind of mechanism that proto authoritarian states and authoritarian states set up. They want to say who can vote, when they can vote, how they can vote, when the votes are counted. They want to have a veto of the vote count at the end. They want to also say they can bring criminal sanctions and try to intimidate people who are trying to go out and register voters. They want to bring criminal sanctions with these organizations. You know who enforces the law? State attorneys enforce the law. They don’t need an election police force. This is a tool of intimidation. And it is frankly a sign again. They don’t want elections. They would like 2024 to be the last election. They want to be like the Ba’ath Party in Iraq. They have a thing called elections, and the dear leader gets 117% of the vote.”

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Rick Wilson: GOP Building a ‘Dystopian Bizarre Authoritarian Police State’




Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson said Friday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that the Republican Party was building a “dystopian, bizarre authoritarian police state.”

When asked about a proposal by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) to create a police force to investigate election fraud, Wilson said, “Look, if Ron DeSantis forms his own election police force, he needs to start in the Villages, a Republican hotbed, where the only cases of voter fraud in the 2020 election in Florida came from. They were all Republicans. They were all Trump supporters. But I’m going to promise you if he does get his way with the legislature, and he probably will because they are basically like a trained dog for him right now, what will happen is they won’t be in The Villages or anywhere there is a Republican question. They will be in communities of color. They will be in Miami-Dade county. They will be in Palm Beach. They will be in Duval, will be in Hillsborough. They will not be out there looking for actual election fraud. They will be looking for ways to justify giving the dear leader, whether it’s dear leader Ron or Don, the boost they need and using this as a method to intimidate primarily voters of color. This is exactly and explicitly what it is for.”

He added, “I think it’s a sign that the Republicans are going to build this system no matter what we say or do about it in these states where they have control. It will be the thing they say ‘Oh how dare you say we’re building a dystopian bizarre authoritarian police state,’ while they are busy building a dystopian bizarre authoritarian police state.”

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