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Switzerland: ‘Globalist dictatorship taking hold’ as police unleash rubber bullets, water cannons on vaccine passport protesters



Demonstrations against COVID-19 restrictions in Switzerland are being met with force by police who are employing increasingly aggressive tactics and weapons to disperse crowds and discourage resistance.

The federal government gave just five days notice ahead of a nationwide mandate that went into effect on September 13, sparking rolling protests against coronavirus rules across the nation.

The largest marches have taken place in the capital city of Bern with the latest kicking off on Thursday night.

Authorities preemptively declared the planned gathering illegal and deployed a massive police presence to the city center where barriers were erected in front of government buildings, including the Bundeshaus (Swiss Parliament).

Peaceful demonstrators chanting “Liberte” were met by walls of riot police who were booed by the crowd.

Police fired rubber bullets at a group waving Swiss flags after they reportedly turned down an “unauthorized” street.

“Switzerland, the only real democracy on the planet, is slowly going the same way as our neighbors,” wrote citizen journalist Based Helvetia.

“The globalist dictatorship is taking hold of our beautiful country.”

Rubber Bullets (Photo: REUTERS/Jim Bourg)

Armed vehicles were rolled out and water cannons discharged as demonstrators laid flowers and peace offerings in front of police.

Pierre Moret, another citizen journalist, declared the rally an effective, nonviolent rebuke of authoritarianism by the Swiss.

“Victory over the fearful rabbits. ‘Stay at home’? Forget it!,” Moret wrote on social media.

“We are neither suppressed nor intimidated.”

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New January 6 footage shows police opening doors of U.S. Capitol to peaceful protesters, not ‘rioters’ as previously reported by media



Newly released January 6 footage shows police letting peaceful pro-Trump supporters enter the United States Capitol without incident, directly contradicting government and media allegations of how law enforcement was overwhelmed by an unruly mob.

The footage, that the Department of Justice (DOJ) fought to keep hidden, captured activity by two security cameras – that face opposite directions – in a small hallway on the upper west side terrace from 2:25 pm to around 3:00 pm.

The full two 40 minute videos were originally posted on BuzzFeed Monday morning.

This footage is just a small fragment of the 14,000 hours of surveillance that Joe Biden’s DOJ are fighting to keep hidden, Julie Kelly of American Greatness reports:

The footage, a slice of the 14,000 hours of surveillance video that the Justice Department and Capitol Police want kept under strict protective orders, clearly contradicts many of the government’s allegations about what happened on January 6. Hundreds of January 6 defendants have been charged with trespassing or “parading” in the Capitol when this video clearly proves law enforcement held open doors and did not stop protesters from coming inside.

This story is developing. More new security footage will be added here at the Miami Standard.

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FBI in Haiti after 16 American missionaries visiting an orphanage kidnapped by gang



The abduction of 16 American missionaries and one Canadian in Haiti by a notorious armed gang known for extorting businesses and ransoming kidnapped victims catapulted the Caribbean nation’s insecurity crisis into the global spotlight Sunday as FBI agents arrived in Port-au-Prince to help with negotiations to liberate the hostages.

FBI agents arrived on an aircraft chartered by the U.S. government hours after reports confirmed that 17 Christian missionaries including five children had been taken hostage Saturday in the area of La Tremblay in Ganthier, just east of the capital.

A group of American missionaries have been kidnapped in Haiti, allegedly by the same gang that kidnapped a group of Catholic clergy in April of this year.

A State Department official, confirming the kidnappings, said the welfare and safety of U.S. citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the Department of State.

“We have been in regular contact with senior Haitian authorities and will continue to work with them and interagency partners,” the official added.

Read more from the Miami Herald.

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‘Money plays a big part’: Audio reveals Miami Beach mayor, developers planning re-do of Ocean Drive



MIAMI BEACH, Fla.  Miami Beach voters are being asked to stop alcohol sales at 2 a.m. instead of 5 a.m.

Proponents of the measure backed by Mayor Dan Gelber link the three-hour rollback with stopping crime and chaos on South Beach.

But, in a private Zoom call last month, Gelber met with developers to court their support for a wholesale re-do of Ocean Drive and the entertainment district.

Spearheading the meeting and solicitations for money was former Miami Beach mayor and businessman Philip Levine.

Read more from ABC Miami.

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