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Miami Bucket List: Here are 25 things you need to do in Miami before you die



The list of things you need to do in order to reach Peak Miami is long.

But let’s make the next year the year that we all try to do all of the things that we say we’re going to do every year (but never do).

Here is your Miami bucket list.


Coral Castle is one of Miami’s weirdest attractions. (Photo: Miami Herald)

It’s far as heck and it’s weird, but you gotta hit Coral Castle at least once.

Built by Edward Leedskalnin between 1923 and 1951, Coral Castle consists of over 1,100 tons of mysteriously sculpted coral rock – all supposedly created by Leedskalnin alone.

Some say he built Coral Castle as a tribute to unrequited love.

Others think he had supernatural assistance.

Either way, the Coral Castle is an only-in-Miami experience that you have to cross off your list.

Coral Castle Museum, 28655 South Dixie Hwy., Miami; 305-248-6345

Read more from Herald.

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South Beach

Upcoming South Beach Seafood Festival shines spotlight on local chefs



There’s something fishy going on in South Florida.

That’s about as cheesy as things are going to get at the South Beach Seafood Festival this weekend.

Fox Miami‘s (WSVN 7) ‘Deco Drive’ took the plunge to find out what delicacies from the deep await you.

Listen up, foodies.

The South Beach Seafood Festival is back.

“We’ve got the best cuisine, the best chefs, the best restaurants, and it’s the best seafood in the world,” said Tod Roy of South Beach Seafood Festival.

Read more and watch the report from Fox Miami (WSVN 7).

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South Beach

South Beach Seafood Festival returns to Miami



The South Beach Seafood Festival is kicking off this weekend. With more than 20 restaurants participating, NBC Miami gives us a sneak preview as to what we will taste.

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Halloween 2021: The seven best ghost and cemetery tours in South Florida



If you ain’t afraid of no ghost, October is filled with opportunities to mingle with the spirits of South Florida’s past.

As the days toward Halloween dwindle, brave souls can avail themselves of ghost and cemetery tours at some of Miami and Fort Lauderdale’s oldest haunts.

Deering Estate (Photo: Ryan Holloway/Miami-Dade County)

Some tours even welcome ghost-hunting equipment for those who happen to have a pendulum, dowsing rod, and EMF meter lying around the house.

Below is a randomly ordered list of South Florida’s best ghost and cemetery tours.

Yesteryear Village (Photo: South Florida Fairgrounds)

Happy spirit stalking!

HistoryMiami’s Ghosts of Miami City Cemetery tour with Dr. Paul George (Photo: Ali Goebel)

Read more from the Miami New Times.

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