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Barack Obama’s maskless, packed, unvaxxed birthday party continued for third night in a row



Despite claims that the event would be “scaled back,” former President Barack Obama’s massive birthday party has continued for three days straight with no face masks and no social distancing, as well as no vaccine mandate.

Over the weekend, Obama was seen partying with hundreds of people, the vast majority ignoring any kind of restrictions as the Secret Service set up a no-fly zone over his mansion.

Photos and videos leaked from the event, despite a ban on them.

The Daily Mail reports that the party at Martha’s Vineyard with hundreds of guests and scores of servants continued throughout the weekend, and wasn’t just restricted to one night.

Guests were seen mingling and enjoying brunch on Sunday:

The Obama bash wouldn’t go over well with outsiders looking in, however, with a strong portion of social media angry at the former president for alleged hypocrisy.

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One Year Ago President Trump Was Removed from Office Through a Stolen Election – WE WILL NEVER FORGET OR GIVE UP (VIDEO)




One year ago President Trump left the swamp of Washington DC.  America watched as its most popular President in history was removed from office through a stolen election.

Today we are committed to the same fight we were fighting one year ago today.  We won’t stop investigating and reporting on the 2020 Election steal until every illegitimate ballot counted in that election is uncovered.

One year ago on January 20, 2021, President Trump peacefully left Washington DC after having his election ripped away from him and the American people by corrupt individuals who will do anything for power.


TRENDING: Who’s “Cleaning” Our Voter Rolls? Soros Founded and Funded ERIC Is Now Used In 31 States

We now know that in Arizona there are 700,000 ballots that are in question after the canvassing and audit work performed in 2021 in that state.  We know that the scope of the audit in 2021 didn’t include signature verifications which would have identified thousands more ballot issues.

We also know that IT-related requests for information are still outstanding and files were deleted where the law demands they be maintained.  Overall, it is VERY CLEAR that Arizona should never have been certified and the state should never have been awarded to Joe Biden.

EXCLUSIVE: The Fact that Arizona Attorney General Brnovich Has Done Nothing with Criminal Activities Identified in 2020 Election Audit is REPREHENSIBLE


In Georgia we learned yesterday that there are over 100,000 ballots with missing or invalid chain of custody documentation, making them illegitimate.  We also know that videos of activity recorded at drop boxes have been deleted.  Numerous sloppy or fraudulent activities across the state, but especially in Fulton County, have been uncovered.  This state’s 2020 Election results should never have been certified and given to Joe Biden.

BREAKING: Voter GA Confirms Over 100,000 Ballots in Georgia 2020 Election Missing Valid Chain of Custody Documentation, Additionally Drop Box Videos Have Been Destroyed


In Pennsylvania, we know that the Democrats made up a 700,000 ballot lead of President Trump’s in the days after the election.  We also know that this was done behind closed doors which is against the law.  When Republican poll watchers were forcefully prevented from observing the counting of ballots in the state, the counting should have stopped.  Pennsylvania’s results should never have been certified.

Now an investigation of just one county’s voting machines is in the works and the Democrats and Dominion Voting Machines want to stop it.  This is another sure sign that the results in Pennsylvania should never have been certified and awarded to Joe Biden.

Concerned citizens in Wisconsin have uncovered over 115,000 individuals with a registration date of January 1, 1918, voted in the 2020 Election.

With these states, President Trump had enough to win the 2020 Election.  Other states have similar material issues as well.  In addition, all the states in the union likely have illegitimate ballots counted for Joe Biden that lack chain of custody documentation.

But justice was ignored, Joe Biden was sworn in and no one was there.  He had no following.  This was just more proof the election of 2020 was stolen from the President of the United States.

Video From Press Corps at Biden Inauguration Reveals Only About a Hundred People in Attendance Outside of Military and Press

As we remember one year ago today, we vow to continue to uncover every single illegitimate ballot counted in the 2020 Election steal and never stop reporting on the stolen election of 2020. 

We are the majority – we who love America.  We know President Trump won and had this election stolen from him and America.

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Look Out! Biden’s Economy is Setting Records with Some of the Worst Results Ever Seen in US History




President Trump had arguably the greatest economy in US and world history in 2019.  The opposite is true with the Biden economy and Americans are really suffering as a result.

Under President Trump the US saw unemployment at less than 4%, the best in decades.  The stock markets were at all-time highs, real wages were growing and outperforming the increase in the cost of living.  The US GDP was the greatest in US and world history and inflation was near zero.  In addition, the US became an energy producer for the first time in decades and the price of gas was near or less than $2 a gallon.

Oh what a difference a stolen election makes.  

The Conservative Treehouse reports that unemployment claims are rising.

TRENDING: Who’s “Cleaning” Our Voter Rolls? Soros Founded and Funded ERIC Is Now Used In 31 States

The U.S. Dept of Labor has released the unemployment claim data [DATA HERE], and the results show claims of 286,000 last week: an increase of 55,000 from prior week and the third consecutive week of increased claims.

Also, the Treehouse reports that productivity in the 3rd Quarter dropped the most since 1960.

The value of all products and services generated in the third quarter increased by 1.8 percent.  However, the labor cost of generating that small amount of added value increased by 7.4 percent.  The difference between those two numbers is a drop in productivity of 5.2% over the entire quarter.

This was the largest quarterly drop in productivity since 1960 !

We have reported on inflation being the highest it’s been in 40 years on paper with real numbers being worse than that.

BIDEN’S ECONOMY: The Producer Price Index Measurement of Inflation Sets Record – All-Time Highest Increase Ever Reported

This week it’s also reported that the NASDAQ has fallen into ‘correction territory’ after declining more than 10% since its peak.

Mainstream Media Claims Markets Were Up Today Then the Market Drops Into ‘Correction’ Territory for the NASDAQ

With massive government spending, higher costs for energy, increased inflation, increased US debt, increased interest rates on the debt, and increasing unemployment, Biden’s economy is set to get worse.  Get ready for the Biden nightmare. 

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Matt Walsh Nukes Transgender Debate on Dr. Phil With Facts and Logic – Other Guests Claim to Suffer From “Nightmares,” “Depression Spirals” After His Appearance (VIDEO)




On Wednesday, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil to provide the counter-argument in a debate against numerous radical left-wing advocates who support gender theory and transgenderism.

It was an absolute masterclass.

Each time Walsh was given the floor he completely annihilated the other half of the conversation with a rapid delivery of facts and logic that left the pro-trans/anti-reality side’s heads spinning.

During one of the segments, pro-trans professor xx, who was serving in the capacity of the ‘expert’ on that side of the discussion, made the mistake of questioning Walsh’s motives and why he cares so much about transgenderism.

TRENDING: Who’s “Cleaning” Our Voter Rolls? Soros Founded and Funded ERIC Is Now Used In 31 States

“Part of me wants to ask why you care so much because it’s really not that big of a deal,” she said defiantly in an attempt to insinuate his ‘bigotry.’

Walsh jumps in immediately, “I’d love to answer that question.”

His response left the ‘LGBTQ expert, and the entire crowd – which had been ravenously cheering the left-wing dogma throughout – silent.


Next up, Walsh went head to head with a trans-activist ‘non-binary’ couple – Addison and Ethan, who had earlier declared “trans women are women” and “trans men are men.” All he had to do with them is simply ask them to define what they mean by that – what is a woman.

Needless to say, the activists were completely stumped – they could not even attempt at an answer.

Unfortunately for them, their ideology ignores quite a few interminable realities – mainly sexual difference, male and female – which Walsh happily educates them on.


Finally, Walsh drops the nuke down on the entire debate when the topic of gender-neutral bathrooms comes up. Walsh’s employer, The Daily Wire, were the ones to break the horrific ‘Loudoun County rape cover-up’ wide open, so he was firing on all cylinders for this moment.

SICKENING: Loudoun County Schools Covered Up Rape of a 14-Year-Old Girl and Prosecuted Her Father To Protect Male Transgender Student Who Was Permitted to Use Ladies Bathrooms

After the trans-expert claimed that trans bathrooms aren’t a “safety issue,” Walsh went off, not only pointing out the serious concerns that arise when allowing boys into the little girl’s room, but also the disgusting hypocrisy when trans activists claim their rights supersede the women, parents, and children who are uncomfortable having their private space invaded by a member of the opposite sex.

As he puts it, “


Naturally, the hysterical leftist meltdown kicked into high gear immediately after the airing of the show, with the majority of unhinged outrage being aimed at Walsh, who is being smeared as a ‘transphobe’ ‘bigot’ for stating completely-accurate biological realities and – gasp – defending women-only spaces, but Dr. Phil is also catching a lot of heat for “platforming” the supposed hate speech.

Hilariously, the ‘non-binary’ activists were so nervous about the intellectual a*s whooping they took on national television that Addison, which is the long-haired one above, posted a lengthy Instagram story accusing the “Dr. Phil” team of tricking the couple to do the show under false pretenses.

Yes, seriously.

The post also claims that Walsh’s innocuous comments about biological realities, which included asking Addison and Ethan to define the word woman, gave them “nightmares” and triggered anxiety.

“About a month ago, Ethan and I were invited to be guests on the ‘Dr. Phil’ show to share our stories and discuss pronouns. We were excited for the opportunity to educate in a safe space. What ended up happening was much different than they discussed with us. And we left feeling attacked by another guest and played by the producers.

Since the taping, Ethan and I have been experiencing a heightened level of anxiety to the point that we’ve had numerous nightmares and depression spirals over the last month,” the story continued, adding that “this week has been the worse [sic].”

Walsh responded to the ridiculous accusations through Twitter, pointing out that all he did was use their own words against them.

“The other guests on the Dr. Phil panel are complaining that I gave them nightmares. I attacked them by asking them to define the words they were using.”

“Contrary to my fellow panelists, I felt great after the taping and feel even better now,” Walsh added. “That’s because I’m 100 percent confident in my view on the topic and everything they said was blatant nonsense which did not for even a second cause me to second guess my own perspective.”

Walsh also released a response video essentially saying the same thing – he won’t be backing down anytime soon and he’s “tired of the kid gloves” because the radical, anti-reality, anti-truth trans ideology being pushed on children is, as he says, “pure evil.”


I’m tired of the kid gloves that even conservatives use with this issue. This is pure evil. It’s destroying children. It’s hurting women. The people promoting it know what they’re doing. They don’t care. Stop buying into the victim routine. They’re the bad guys.

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) January 20, 2022

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