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20-year-old Son who Stabbed Mom Multiple Times at 13 Flee from Probation in Orange County in California

20-year-old Son who Stabbed Mom Multiple Times at 13 Flee from Probation in Orange County in California

Anaheim, CA: The notorious mom-killer and serial fugitive has escaped from the halfway house in California that a judge had ordered him to reside in after he was released from prison.

After pleading guilty to felony vandalism, 20-year-old Ike Souzer was released on Wednesday. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office labeled him as an “extremely dangerous and violent” criminal who stabbed his mother to death when he was 13 years old.

Though Judge Larry Yellin of the Orange County Superior Court commuted Souzer’s sentence to 90 days in prison and two years of probation, the judge did not deny his time served.

Based on Souzer’s severe criminal history—which includes killing his mom, stabbing three correctional guards, and creating a shank while in jail—prosecutors “strongly objected” to the low sentencing, according to the DA’s statement.

Souzer checked into the halfway home Project Kinship in Sana Ana after his imprisonment, but he abruptly left and has never been heard from again. His whereabouts were unknown to his probation officer.

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Souzer escaped from Project Kinship in April 2022.

Souzer, who was 18 years old when he arrived at the halfway house, presumably removed his GPS device and ran away shortly after. Several days after a countywide manhunt ended, he was apprehended at an Anaheim homeless encampment.

In 2017, at the age of thirteen, Souzer was found guilty of the savage murder of his mother, Barbara Scheuer-Souzer. He then proceeded to leave her bleeding on the floor outside their house after stabbing her many times with a knife.

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According to the authorities, 48-year-old Scheuer-Souzer was able to positively identify her son as the assassin before she died of her injuries.

While incarcerated at the Orange County Juvenile Detention Center in 2019, Souzer broke out of his cell and climbed the perimeter fence during the night.

The very next day, at an Anaheim McDonald’s, he was apprehended again.

Souzer is “a significant public safety threat,” according to Thursday’s warning from Orange County prosecutors.

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