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2-year-old Shot after bullets rang up in New York City hours after Fallen Cop’s Funeral; Mayor Adams visited the scene

2-year-old Shot after bullets rang up in New York City hours after Fallen Cop’s Funeral; Mayor Adams visited the scene

New York City, NY: A 2-year-old kid was shot after gunfire broke out in Bronx street. The shots sent every pedestrian in danger and all of them were running for their lives.

Near 1:45 p.m., on the corner of East Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse, a toddler was hit in the right buttock; authorities said the child was brought to Jacobi Medical Center in stable condition.

The incident happened hours after the funeral of Jonathan Diller in New York City. Mayor Adams attended the funeral and he also visited the site where the toddler was shot.

The incident has terrified and angered the local populace of the city. They spoke to the New York Post and expressed their anger and the situation of the incident.

“I was here frying [food] when I heard the shots, like six, and I just hit the ground,” said Julio, a vendor who was across the street when the bullets flew. “I could see people running.”Jacqueline Cuevas was walking from Pennsylvania Avenue when she saw “three delinquents running and then heard shots.

“Then I saw a child on the floor. This city needs to be fixed, this mayor isn’t doing anything for us,” she told The New York Post.

Many people showed their discontent towards Mayor Adams’s policy and deemed him as the most miserable and incapable Mayor New York City ever had.

2-year-old Shot after bullets rang up in New York City hours after Fallen Cop's Funeral; Mayor Adams visited the scene
Mayor Adams visiting the site of the shooting and NYPD officers are investigating the bystanders. Also, a shattered window with a bullet hole.

”The violence, there’s too many criminals in the streets,” said Juan Carlos Garcia, 67. “I’ve never seen a wave of crime so huge until Mayor Adams became mayor. It’s violence everywhere every day in front of our faces.”

“It’s disorganized chaos. We need a new mayor and a new president that will want change, so I will be voting for Trump,” he said.

After briefly conversing with investigators, Mayor Adams observed the crime scene.

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As of late Saturday, investigators were still trying to determine what had triggered the shooting.

An individual in his thirties, described by the police as sporting a verdant hooded sweatshirt, a dark coat adorned with fur at the collar, pale blue jeans, and maybe even red shoes, is wanted.

According to the cops, the suspect was last seen going northbound on Crescent Avenue.

A number of spent shells were found outside the residence at 151 East Fordham Rd.

According to the police officer who responded, the shooting took place outside of a Capital One bank. Gunfire broke glass at a TD Bank across the street.

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The New York Police Department has started an investigation to catch the shooting suspects and to find the reasons for the shooting.

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