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2 Women Killed Man and Used Severed Thumb to Spend Money on Booze and Weed in Washington DC: Authorities

2 Women Killed Man and Used Severed Thumb to Spend Money on Booze and Weed in Washington DC: Authorities

Two women, Tiffany Taylor Gray and Audrey Miller, have been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Fasil Teklemariam. The 53-year-old man from Washington, D.C. was tragically attacked, stabbed multiple times, and had his thumb severed. It is alleged that the perpetrators used his thumb to gain access to his accounts and spent his money on Uber ride-shares, marijuana, and alcohol.

A 22-year-old resident of Prince George’s County, Maryland, was arrested on July 1 and is facing charges of first-degree murder and armed felony murder. She is currently being held in Maryland and is expected to be transferred to Washington, D.C., to face the charges.

According to publicly available court records, Miller, 19, was arrested on June 21 for charges of first-degree murder and armed felony murder. The preliminary hearing for Miller was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but according to court records, it has been postponed and rescheduled for July 30. She is currently being held in Washington, D.C.

According to an affidavit examined by Law&Crime, a witness reported hearing Gray discussing their connection to Teklemariam’s murder, referring to the victim as Gray’s “sugar daddy.” However, the police have been unable to confirm this statement.

According to prosecutors, Teklemariam’s body was discovered in his bedroom on April 5, several days after he was allegedly killed on April 1.

According to a police affidavit, his family made multiple attempts to contact him over the course of several days. When they were unable to reach him, they decided to reach out to the authorities. The victim’s phone went to voicemail multiple times. According to the police, Teklemariam’s friend revealed that the last sighting of Teklemariam entering the apartment building was on April 1.

Additional witnesses later assisted the police in recognizing Miller and Gray as individuals frequently seen in the apartment building.

2 Women Killed Man and Used Severed Thumb to Spend Money on Booze and Weed in Washington DC Authorities
Image: Law and Crime

Authorities discovered Teklemariam with injuries to his head and multiple stab wounds. His right thumb was missing as well. The thumb remained missing. Additionally, it was discovered that the apartment had been thoroughly cleaned in an effort to eliminate any traces of the crime. However, despite these efforts, investigators were able to uncover bloody footprints and other stains at the scene using a special ink on Teklemariam’s floor.

Fortunately, with the help of numerous security cameras in his building and the surrounding neighborhood, investigators were able to reconstruct Teklemariam’s murder. According to an affidavit, authorities have identified a total of five suspects, including Gray and Miller. As of Tuesday, police have positively identified one of the three remaining suspects as a 34-year-old man. According to records, Gray has referred to him as her “play brother” to others.

Usually, this phrase is employed to refer to someone who is not genetically related but still familiar.

No charges have been filed against the remaining suspects currently as reported by Law and Crime.

Video from Teklemariam’s apartment on Peabody Street in Washington, D.C. revealed that on April 1, he willingly met Miller outside and invited her into his home. In addition, there is additional security footage from that evening that seems to capture Gray and her “play brother” outside of Teklemariam’s building before eventually going inside.

According to authorities, an unsuspecting resident allowed their entry.

According to the police, additional footage clearly captures the women and other suspects entering and leaving Teklemariam’s apartment after the presumed time of his murder. According to the police, they are often observed transporting items to a vehicle parked in close proximity to the apartment.

Between April 1 and around April 5, Gray and two other individuals entered the apartment using Teklemariam’s key fob. According to the police, while they were removing their stolen items, additional evidence indicated that they might have also been using his Toyota RAV4.

According to the witness, Gray was observed using Teklemariam’s thumb to withdraw money from his accounts. The witness also confirmed that Gray used the funds to purchase Uber rides, as well as substances like “weed and alcohol.”

Investigators made a significant breakthrough in the case when they discovered that Teklemariam had previously filed a police complaint against Gray. In the complaint, Teklemariam accused Gray of using his cellphone to steal $1,800 through one of his cash apps.

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