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2 Plane Collided in Miami; No Injury Reported by Authorities

2 Plane Collided in Miami; No Injury Reported by Authorities

Yesterday evening, authorities reported that chaos ensued on the tarmac of Miami International Airport following a collision involving two aircraft, one operated by Frontier Airlines and the other by American Airlines.

While positioned at the gate and prepared to receive passengers for its flight to Dallas, the Frontier aircraft was collided with by an American Airlines Boeing 777 in reverse as it made preparations for its flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The incident transpired at approximately 8:30 p.m., as reported by WSVN. A video of the event was uploaded by Only in Dade. The footage shows an airport employee frantically attempting to prevent the American aircraft from causing additional damage.

Although the collision caused considerable disruptions for passengers, there were no reported injuries. According to a statement obtained by WSVN, Frontier Airlines, in assessing the extent of the damage to their Airbus A321neo, stated, “At the time, only crew members were present on board the Frontier aircraft; no injuries have been reported.” The Frontier aircraft was immediately grounded pending evaluation and re-accommodation of the customer.

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Additionally, American Airlines issued a statement regarding the incident, wherein it confirmed that contact did indeed transpire during the pushback and further stated, “As passengers deplaned customarily, the aircraft was withdrawn from service for a maintenance inspection.” We extend our sincerest apologies to our clientele for the disruption this has caused,” according to a report by WSVN.

A sense of disillusionment was prevalent among the passengers, and Christian Galvez, who intended to travel to Texas, expressed his discontent. He disclosed to WSVN, “There’s like a few hundred of us in the terminal all very, very angry.” He stated that they informed them that an American Airlines aircraft had collided with the rear wing after a six-hour wait at the airport.

Galvez further stated that hotel accommodations had been made available to non-residents and that the flight had been rescheduled for the afternoon during an interview with CBS News.

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Further apprehensions regarding finances awaited those impacted by the incident. Galvez expressed concern to WSVN regarding the possible forfeiture of the fare he had paid for his cancelled journey, stating, “If they do not refund the entire amount, that is equivalent to losing $500.” He had pre-purchased tickets for multiple Texas attractions and was concerned that he might not be able to reclaim them.

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