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2 Ohio Brothers Sent To Prison For Running Multi-State Cocaine Ring in North Carolina

2 Ohio Brothers Sent To Prison For Running Multi-State Cocaine Ring in North Carolina

Dayton, Ohio: Two brothers were sentenced in federal court for their involvement in a drug-trafficking organization on Thursday. The organization was responsible for sourcing large quantities of narcotics from Los Angeles and Houston, and distributing them to Dayton and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The government presented evidence during the sentencing that Roger Earl Walton, Jr., 44, of Concord, North Carolina, and Shawn Lee Walton, 50, of Charlotte, North Carolina, were involved in an extensive drug distribution operation.

According to the prosecution, from 2014 until 2020, they were the masterminds behind a highly profitable conspiracy to transport large quantities of cocaine.

Roger Earl Walton, Jr., also known as “Mike,” has been handed a prison sentence of 168 months. Shawn Lee Walton, also known as “Swoop,” has been given a prison sentence of 151 months.

“Drug trafficking has a profoundly destructive impact on communities,” stated U.S. Attorney Kenneth L. Parker. “The efforts of our law enforcement partners from various jurisdictions have effectively put an end to the Waltons’ ability to cause harm in our cities.”

Court documents reveal that the Waltons and four other defendants were involved in a conspiracy to traffic a significant amount of converted drug weight. The six defendants were indicted in August 2020. In connection with this case, authorities have confiscated over 25 kilograms of cocaine and a sum exceeding one million dollars in cash from the drug-trafficking group.

Throughout the narcotics conspiracy, law enforcement in different jurisdictions carried out numerous stops, searches, and seizures of the Walton drug-trafficking organization.

There have been several law enforcement interactions reported in North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio.

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