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2 Brothers Arrested after Murder Plot was leaked by an Inmate in Connecticut; Wanted to Kill 4 including 2 Minors

2 Brothers Arrested after Murder Plot was leaked by an Inmate in Connecticut; Wanted to Kill 4 including 2 Minors

The authorities in Connecticut have arrested a man and his brother for plotting the murder of 4 individuals. The targeted people included 2 minors.

One of the plotters was serving in the US Army, and the other was incarcerated at a jail in Connecticut, as per the officials.

According to the Connecticut Police, 30-year-old Sgt. Jeremiah Peikert and 31-year-old Joshua Peikert are both facing conspiracy to commit murder charges. In 2022, they allegedly conspired to murder a 29-year-old woman, her 23-year-old boyfriend, and their two little kids, who were 10 and 1 year old, respectively.

Joshua Peikert allegedly expressed his desire to have the woman and her family killed to his cellmate at Corrigan Correctional Center, as stated in a criminal complaint. The inmate’s statement in the affidavit was that he “knew a few people that could have that taken care of for him.” The inmate received $250 from Joshua Peikert’s brother, who acted as a “finder fee.” It was said that the inmate claimed it would cost “$10,000 a head” to kill each victim.

The affidavit states that Joshua Peikert supposedly made notes regarding the victim’s address, the design of the house, and the placement of a spare key outside the residence.

Affidavit claims that cellmate contacted Jeremiah Peikert on the “construction job” and the expense of “materials,” a code word for the hit. The document further stated that he informed him that the job would be postponed due to the man’s arrest in Florida for assaulting a police officer. The inmate supposedly warned Jeremiah Peikert that his brother would “not be good” if the brothers betrayed their request.

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In October 2022, the woman’s scheme was thwarted when her cellmate sent a letter outlining the murder-for-hire plot.

Within seconds of receiving the letter, the woman alerted the authorities. Subsequently, the police launched an investigation into the incident, which included monitoring inmate phone calls and questioning the cellmate who had provided Joshua Peikert with the victims’ addresses in the letter.

Jeremiah Peikert was stationed at Fort Cavazos in Texas, so the detectives also took flight there. His confession to paying $250 to his brother’s cellmate and his knowledge that “construction job” was euphemism for victim harm were also revealed in his statement to investigators. Sergeant Smith of the Army stated that he did not believe the kids were involved in the scheme. He admitted that he “reluctantly” transferred the $250 to the inmate due to the “pressuring” he received from his brother and cellmate.

On Thursday, Jeremiah Peikert was apprehended by Texas authorities and subsequently returned to Connecticut via extradition. A bond in the amount of $500,000 is now in his possession.

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