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2 Arrested in St. Petersburg after SWAT Standoff

2 Arrested in St. Petersburg after SWAT Standoff

St. Petersburg, FL: A SWAT team carried out a search warrant at a residence in St. Pete, leading to the arrest of two individuals and the recovery of two assault rifles, as reported by the police.

A SWAT team from the St. Petersburg Police Department was dispatched to a “known drug house” in the 500 block of Palm Avenue North just before 5 o’clock on Monday.

The fact that the house’s occupants were armed to the teeth was also known to investigators. Two men were apprehended and two assault rifles were found within the residence, as reported by the authorities.

The authorities have released the mugshots and the identities of the individuals arrested. The deputies arrested Rodairren Green and E’shon Hamilton.

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22-year-old Green was arrested and subsequently charged with the intent to sell marijuana and unlawful possession of the substance. He was also charged with fleeing with the marijuana from police.

The deputies also arrested 23-year-old E’shon Hamilton. He is charged with a felony of possessing a handgun and possession of marijuana with intent to sell it.

The deputies have launched an investigation to look into the matter and to arrest more individuals associated with this crime ring.

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