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19-year-old tried to save her twin sister from attacker in New York; but she died after being stabbed

19-year-old tried to save her twin sister from attacker in New York; but she died after being stabbed

New York City, NY: The twins, who managed to escape the Park Slope stabbing, fought valiantly to defend their sister from the inebriated man who had pursued them.

Recounting how she attempted to shield her sister from the intoxicated man’s wrath when she refused to follow him on Instagram, the twin sister of the 19-year-old girl who was fatally stabbed outside a Brooklyn deli after allegedly rejecting his advances has come out.

Around 2:20 in the morning, Sanyia Spain, Samyia, and Sanyia’s brother were taking a stroll to the Slope Natural Plus on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope after a family game night. The youngster who managed to stay alive informed the Daily News on Sunday that she had a friend who had noticed that Samyia was being followed.

19-Year-Old Stabbed to death after she refused advances in New York City; Twin sister also stabbed

“I seized her mobile device and yelled out, ‘Come with me, come with me.'” Then Sanyia spoke. “Why are you chatting with that boy?’ I asked.” “I refuse to speak to that boy,” she declared.

Relatives of the girls told The Post that they met at a local club earlier in the evening, and Sanyia added that Samyia agreed to give the man her Instagram handle so that he would stop bothering them.

She spoke out about how she had previously stated her intention not to accompany him back. I’m done. She declined. She claimed the man’s anger reached a boiling point at that moment.

Recounted by Sanyia, he rushed out of the bodega after getting into an argument with the two teens, but returned moments later.

“He shoved little Samyia, and I shoved him back,” she explained. After that, “everyone else began to shove him out the door.”

The man and his pals were booted out of the business by an employee who, according to Sanyia, closed the door behind them.

After grabbing their midnight snack, the twins exited the store, only to be met with the bodega’s door closed and the attacker brandishing a knife.

“He threatened to stab everyone in the face,” Sanyia recalled, adding that the man was brandishing a knife.

Everyone, please take cover. In addition, he shoved small Samyia to the floor.

The elder brother of the girls stepped in and punched the perpetrator, knocking him to the ground, as he began to flee from Samyia while brandishing the knife.

As soon as they discovered Samyia, the twins were sent to New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, where Samyia was later declared dead due to stab wounds to the chest and neck.

Meanwhile, Sanyia is no longer under the care of the hospital.

Following the incident, she contacted her loved ones via phone. Mohammed Albher, a worker at the bodega, said that the two females were regulars there.

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