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19-Year-Old Stabbed to death after she refused advances in New York City; Twin sister also stabbed

19-Year-Old Stabbed to death after she refused advances in New York City; Twin sister also stabbed

New York City, NY: A man fatally stabbed a teen girl after she refused his advances in New York City.

The attacker allegedly stabbed the twins. One girl died in the incident, while the other is in stable condition in the hospital.

The twin sisters, both 19, were stabbed at a Brooklyn bodega early Sunday morning after he refused the advances of attacker who was hitting on them.

According to reports and the police, Samyia and Sanyia Spain were assaulted at about 2:20 in the morning while they were entering Slope Natural Plus on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope with a group of friends and relatives.

The culprit allegedly attempted to hit on the two females before being turned down, according to family. This led to the attack.

Despite her sister’s status as stable, Samyia was stabbed in the arm and later proclaimed dead at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

According to a woman who claimed to be the godmother of the murdered adolescent, the twins had been out partying earlier that evening.

Loved ones gathered outside the apartment building of the murdered adolescent, only blocks away from the bodega, in the hours following the murder, to erect a temporary monument with candles, teddy bears, and flowers.

It would appear that Samyia Spain is getting a tattoo on Saturday, possibly in anticipation of the party, according to an Instagram post by her.

However, according to the girl’s aunt, who spoke to The Post on Sunday, the suspects were also present at a nearby club after the party.

Her companion went on to say that Spain had no idea who attacked her, and that the city’s inadequate financing for mental health services was to blame for the crime.

The police are still investigating, and no one has been taken into custody just yet.

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