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19-year-old Boss Shot Dead by Hot-Tempered Employee in Texas; Parents Devastated as Bread-Winner Dead leaving Family Behind

19-year-old Boss Shot Dead by Hot-Tempered Employee in Texas; Parents Devastated as Bread-Winner Dead leaving Family Behind

A tragic incident unfolded when a dispute between an employee and their superior at an Irving Wingstop escalated into a fatal shooting, according to police.

Authorities responded to an incident at the Wingstop on E. Irving Boulevard at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Monday. At the scene, law enforcement discovered the lifeless body of 19-year-old Christopher Govea, alongside another individual who had sustained injuries.

The suspect, Marc Leon, fled the restaurant on foot, according to the police. The suspect was apprehended swiftly, and law enforcement successfully retrieved a firearm.

A warrant affidavit for Leon’s arrest reveals that the dispute began when Govea, his restaurant manager, sent him home early.

According to Irving police, Leon reportedly shot his manager multiple times after allegedly pulling out a gun.

A fellow employee was injured after being hit in the head and leg by stray bullets, according to investigators.

Govea was known by his family as a diligent 19-year-old.

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“That was the extent of his actions.” He was simply working. “He simply wanted to encourage his parents to move forward due to his father’s poor health and his mother’s inability to work while taking care of him,” explained his brother-in-law, Adrian Hernandez. “So he decided to find them a home.” That’s the sole reason he had to work two jobs.

Govea was employed at a grocery store. Additionally, he held a managerial position at a Wingstop restaurant. Unfortunately, it happened at the Wingstop in Irving where police reported a coworker shot him on Monday evening.

“He was simply fulfilling his duties, as required,” Hernandez said. “Tragically, he lost his life while carrying out his duties.”

Govea’s brother-in-law witnessed a remarkable transformation in Govea over the years.

Leon is facing charges of murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is currently awaiting a transfer to the Dallas County Jail.

According to authorities, Leon had recently joined the Wingstop team and had been working there for less than a month.

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