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19-Days Old Baby Girl Given Fentanyl Smokes Right in Face To Pacify Her in Abilene, Texas

19-Days Old Baby Girl Given Fentanyl Smokes Right in Face To Pacify Her in Abilene, Texas

Abilene, Texas: Three individuals in Texas have been apprehended for allegedly purposefully exposing a 19-day-old infant to fentanyl smoke in an attempt to silence her cries.

Three individuals, Robert Mason, Jennifer Trevino, and Aracely Rocha, were arrested on Thursday and are facing charges of second-degree felony child endangerment, according to authorities.

A traffic stop was conducted by deputies from the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division on Jan. 25. The vehicle contained four individuals, including a newborn baby girl. The stop was initiated after one of the occupants was reportedly seen littering in front of the Frontier Inn & Suites in Abilene, Texas, where they were all staying.

Agents reportedly found fentanyl inside the vehicle and in the 19-day-old girl’s diaper bag during a subsequent search.

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During the search, authorities discovered 56 fentanyl pills and various drug paraphernalia typically associated with smoking fentanyl, as stated in a probable cause affidavit.

The individuals were subsequently transported to the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, where detectives conducted an inquiry.

Deputies reached out to Child Protective Services, who promptly arrived at the sheriff’s office and assumed custody of the child.

During the interviews, investigators discovered that the three suspects had been in their hotel room, where four children were also present. Shockingly, the adults had been regularly smoking fentanyl in front of the kids. According to reports, the group had two rooms next to each other in the hotel.

The sheriff’s office stated that fentanyl smoke had been deliberately blown into the face of the 19-day-old baby to calm her cries over the past few days.

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The affidavit offered more information regarding the accusations against the trio.

According to reports, interviews have indicated that three out of the four adults were found to be actively smoking fentanyl in the presence of the children for at least the past two days. According to interviews, it was discovered that the adults were aware of a disturbing practice involving blowing fentanyl smoke into the face of the infant to calm the child.

Officials noted that the infant was experiencing respiratory issues and promptly transported her, along with the other three children, to a hospital for assessment.

Mason, Trevino, and Rocha have been placed in custody at the Taylor County Jail. Trevino and Rocha are being held on a bond of $100,000. Mason faces an additional charge of third-degree felony obstruction and is currently being held on a bond of $105,000.

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