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18-year-old Autistic Girl Lured to Dallas by Friend; who Later Sold Her for Prostitution; 3 Arrested and Charged after Victim found Dead on Road

18-year-old Autistic Girl Lured to Dallas by Friend; who Later Sold Her for Prostitution; 3 Arrested and Charged after Victim found Dead on Road

Three individuals have been charged by the Collin County District Attorney’s Office in relation to the tragic incident involving human trafficking and the loss of a young life.

Tragedy struck when Julia Wells lost her life in a horrific incident on the Dallas North Tollway. A new Texas law was enacted as a result of her passing.

Collin County authorities are now pursuing charges of human trafficking resulting in death, which is considered a first-degree felony.

According to Julia’s mother, she received notification on Tuesday that all three suspects had been apprehended in separate cities across North Texas.

Three individuals from different cities in Texas were recently apprehended for their alleged involvement in human trafficking.

Dailey faces charges of trafficking resulting in death, trafficking, and compelling prostitution. Jordan is currently facing charges related to trafficking and compelling prostitution. Hudson faces charges related to trafficking.

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After six long years, Mary Wells, Julia’s mother, finally experiences a long-awaited moment.

“It brought a great sense of relief.” Such a sense of relief. We have been waiting for quite a while. “It has been quite a while,” she remarked. “I simply cannot comprehend how individuals are capable of such actions.” I don’t.”

In May 2018, state troopers reported that Julia was forcibly ejected from a vehicle on the DNT. The vehicle in question was registered to an individual involved in human trafficking from Collin County.

Mary describes Julia as someone who had autism and was very trusting. Julia, who was 18 years old, resided in Cleburne with her boyfriend as per Fox4News.

Mary received the latest update from her daughter, who mentioned her plans to visit a friend’s house in Dallas.

“According to the source, she brought her in, ensured her safety and comfort, and then sold her,” she said.

Investigators later informed Mary Anna Hudson was a close friend of Julia, who was 42 years old. Even after six years, she remains uncertain about how the two crossed paths.

Hudson, Jordan, and Dailey have been implicated in the trafficking of young women, including Julia, according to the indictments.

The Julia Eells Act, also known as House Bill 985, took effect in 2021. Driver’s education should incorporate human trafficking prevention.

The authorities have not disclosed the method by which they apprehended the three suspects. However, they were aware of the vehicle Julia was last seen in.

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