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17-year-old Molested by Middle-Aged Man in Pennsylvania; Man Arrested after Alleged Grooming Charges

17-year-old Molested by Middle-Aged Man in Pennsylvania; Man Arrested after Alleged Grooming Charges

A man from Waynesboro is potentially facing imprisonment for his alleged involvement in the sexual exploitation of a teenager.

A 57-year-old man named Paul Wolfe is facing serious allegations of grooming and soliciting explicit pictures from a 17-year-old individual he encountered at Sheetz.

An investigation was initiated by the Waynesboro Police Department in February 2024 following a tip from Franklin County Children and Youth Services, as stated in a criminal complaint. In a previous interview with Youth Services, the victim reportedly mentioned meeting Wolfe at a Sheetz in Waynesboro during the summer of 2023.

According to the victim, there was a significant period of time during the holiday season when they did not have any contact with each other.

The victim also stated that Wolfe sexually assaulted them at his home on or around Feb. 1.

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Authorities conducted a search warrant on Wolfe’s phone and reportedly discovered a significant number of messages exchanged between Wolfe and the victim spanning from January 30th to February 17th.

An affidavit of probable cause states that certain messages contained explicit content, including sexual nature and explicit photos that seemed to depict the victim. Investigators reportedly found messages in which Wolfe allegedly encouraged the victim to send him inappropriate pictures.

Wolfe faces multiple charges related to child pornography and inappropriate communication with a minor as reported by FOX43 News.

According to court documents, Wolfe was taken into custody on June 21 and is currently being held in the Franklin County Prison without the ability to post bail. His next preliminary hearing is set for July 2.

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