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16-year-old Boy Stormed into Store with a Rifle; Deputy Wrestled and Snatched Rifle; Teen in Custody in Florida

16-year-old Boy Stormed into Store with a Rifle; Deputy Wrestled and Snatched Rifle; Teen in Custody in Florida

A 16-year-old was apprehended at a Family Dollar store in Marion County with a concealed rifle after attempting to evade deputies, as reported by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

An arrest affidavit states that the incident occurred in Ocala on Monday.

A deputy was conducting routine patrol in the vicinity of Cedar Road and Bahia Road when he encountered a white Ford Focus that was allegedly exceeding the speed limit. The vehicle had dark, tinted windows and a non-functional right brake light. The car seemed to be trying to evade the deputy, according to the affidavit.

The car proceeded to enter the Family Dollar shopping center on SE Maricamp Road, where the passenger, who was later identified as the 16-year-old suspect, exited the vehicle and fled into the store, according to deputies.

Within the store, the teenager, who the sheriff’s office identified as a delinquent felon under Florida law, attempted to evade the deputy, but was ultimately discovered in one of the aisles. Footage captured by a bodycam from the sheriff’s office reveals a dramatic incident unfolding in the heart of a store.

A scuffle between the deputy and the teen led to a potato chip display falling over, revealing a hidden rifle underneath the suspect’s shirt, as per FoxOrlando.

“Drop the gun, drop it. Stop playing,” the deputy is heard telling the teenager. “Get on the f****** ground!”

The teenager, who is accused of resisting arrest before eventually being detained, was insistent in telling the deputy that the gun didn’t belong to him.

“That’s not my gun, bro,” the teenager insisted to the deputy, as captured on the bodycam footage.

According to the affidavit, a backpack was discovered in the car containing marijuana and individually-packaged baggies.

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According to the affidavit, the teenager claimed ownership of the backpack, but denied owning the gun. According to his cousin, the backpack was owned by the 16-year-old, as reported to the deputies.

A number of serious charges have been filed against the teenager, as reported by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Illegal possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted criminal

  • Possession of a weapon or ammunition by a delinquent felon
  • Possession of a short-barreled rifle
  • Use/display of a firearm during a felony
  • Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute
  • Possession of marijuana more than 20 grams
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on an officer
  • Resisting without violence

He is currently being held in custody without the possibility of being released on bond.

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