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15-year-old Stabbed 86 Times but Still Managed to Call 911 for Help; In Jail for Life after Victim Tracked Snapchat Location in Georgia

15-year-old Stabbed 86 Times but Still Managed to Call 911 for Help; In Jail for Life after Victim Tracked Snapchat Location in Georgia

A man from Georgia has been sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to stalking a 15-year-old girl on Snapchat and brutally attacking her in her family’s home, according to court records.

Zachary Iona, a 22-year-old individual, established a connection with the victim through a smartphone app in 2022. Over time, he manipulated and influenced her until she extended an invitation for him to visit.

According to local reports, he arrived with certain items and proceeded to commit a series of horrific acts against her, causing extensive harm to her body. Iona abandoned the gravely wounded girl, leaving her to her fate.

Nevertheless, she mustered the courage to dial 911. After enduring a terrifying ordeal, she bravely addressed the court during Iona’s sentencing, expressing gratitude for her survival, as reported by FOX 5 Atlanta.

Authorities have revealed that the app Iona used to find his victim is the same tool that led police to his location. A picture of him was discovered on her phone. Substantial evidence was discovered in his vehicle, which included a roll of duct tape and traces of blood.

Iona admitted her guilt for all charges listed in a seven-count indictment on Thursday. Multiple charges were filed, including rape, aggravated assault, and carrying a knife while committing a felony.

According to court records, Iona will be eligible for release after serving 35 years, followed by five years of parole and registering as a sex offender, as part of a plea deal.

The terms of the agreement also prohibit him from communicating with individuals under the age of 18 or possessing any images of minors.

“Our young people need to be cautious,” advised Gwinnett County District Attorney Patsy Austin-Gatson in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “This case serves as a reminder that not all individuals you encounter on social media have your best interests in mind.”

Iona’s social media accounts reflected his efforts to engage with an online audience through music and gaming videos, although his following was relatively small with just a few hundred followers.

The victim had to undergo multiple surgeries and physical therapy in order to regain her ability to walk.

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