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140 Charges Against Ring Leader Lady in San Diego For Running a Cosmetic Retail Theft Crime Ring in California

140 Charges Against Ring Leader Lady in San Diego For Running a Cosmetic Retail Theft Crime Ring in California

San Diego, CA: California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office has brought up 140 accusations against multiple individuals believed to be part of an organized retail theft ring. The group is accused of stealing almost $8 million worth of beauty products from various establishments in California over a span of nearly two years.

The woman, accused of being the leader of the organization, reportedly instructed many individuals to take items from Ulta Beauty stores and other retail locations, which were later sold online.

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Charges were filed in San Diego Superior Court on Feb. 16 against nine defendants, including Michelle Mack of Bonsall, the alleged ringleader, and her husband. The charges include 136 counts of grand theft, two counts of receiving stolen property, one count of conspiracy to commit organized retail theft, and one count of organized retail theft, as per court documents.

Bonta’s office claims that Mack would enlist young women to steal popular items in large quantities from makeup stores and then sell the stolen cosmetics on her Amazon storefront at a significantly reduced price.

Court documents reveal that one of the defendants allegedly sent a text to Mack on January 7, 2023, stating, “I’m not stealing regularly, I’m going to start filling up my bag quickly.” I want to hear about items that can be purchased in large quantities.

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Bonta’s office stated that the multi-year fraud scheme resulted in a nationwide loss estimated at over $7.8 million. The alleged thefts occurred in 21 counties in California, excluding San Francisco County, but including eight in the Bay Area. The crime spree began in December 2021 and concluded in the late part of the previous year.

Bonta’s office stated in legal documents that the defendants’ actions showed a high level of planning, sophistication, or professionalism. It was also mentioned that Mack either persuaded others to take part in the crime or held a position of authority over other participants.

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