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14-year-old Son Shot Dead by Mother in Kansas; Father Left Traumatized after Heartbreaking Incident

14-year-old Son Shot Dead by Mother in Kansas; Father Left Traumatized after Heartbreaking Incident

A tragic incident unfolded in Wichita as a mother pleaded guilty to the heartbreaking act of killing her 14-year-old son. The incident took an even more devastating turn when the mother was shot by the police involved.

A 43-year-old woman, Kylee Hodges, has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder for the shooting death of Claude Hodges Jr. on January 28, as confirmed by the Sedgwick County district attorney’s office.

According to his father, he went to pick up Claude for their regular custody exchange that evening, but unfortunately, both Claude and Kylee never arrived.

“We tried to reach her through text and phone calls.” No response was given. So we decided to send a welfare check to their apartment to investigate the situation,” he explained.

Officers from the Wichita Police Department were dispatched to conduct a welfare check at Aspen Park Apartments, located near Central and Tyler. They made several attempts to establish contact by knocking and calling, but unfortunately, there was no response. Additionally, investigators uncovered a potential bullet exit hole in the apartment’s exterior wall and located a spent bullet outside the entry door.

Authorities discovered that Kylee Hodges was in possession of a handgun and was in close proximity to a shotgun when law enforcement entered the apartment. They decided to leave the apartment and informed the negotiators. A tactical team from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation was dispatched to the scene, where negotiators dedicated several hours to persuading Kylee to surrender.

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According to the KBI, in the early hours of the morning, Hodges swiftly grabbed the handgun once more and approached the officers, pointing the firearm in their direction. “Hodges was struck by a single shot fired by two SWAT officers from the WPD.”

Upon reentering the apartment, authorities discovered the lifeless body of Hodges in one of the bedrooms. She sustained a gunshot wound to his upper body as reported by KAKE News

Kylee Hodges received medical treatment at a nearby hospital before being taken into custody. The sentencing date has yet to be determined, but the District Attorney’s office has confirmed that it will take place in July.

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