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14-year-old Shot Dead after Hot Argument in Virginia; another teen also injured

14-year-old Shot Dead after Hot Argument in Virginia; another teen also injured

Herndon, VA: A 14-year-old teen was shot dead in Virginia after a heated argument with other teenagers. One another teen was also shot but sustained injuries.

At a news conference, Brooke Wright, a deputy chief of police in Fairfax County, stated that the event began with a quarrel between three acquaintances of the teen involved.

A violent confrontation broke out between the suspect, two victims, and themselves. Wright stated that the suspect “pulled a pistol” and fired three rounds after the two physically separated.

The teen was seriously injured, being transported to the hospital where he ultimately succumbed to his wounds.

The second teen victim, who was also shot but did not sustain any injuries, was also named by Wright.”

The individual they are trying to track down is stated by the police to be dressed entirely in black. According to Wright, the police are certain they have identified the suspect.

A lockdown was instituted at Lutie Lewis Coates Elementary School for safety reasons.

“I’m a parent too. I still can’t fathom the emotions and thoughts of a parent who waits for their adult child to return home for dinner only to find out they didn’t make it. That would be terrible, and our sympathies are with them—that is something any parent can understand,” said Wright.

MS-13 Gang Member got more than 2 Decades of Prison Term for killing a 14-year-old in Virginia

The search for the juvenile suspect in the Wednesday afternoon shooting death of a 14-year-old in Fairfax County is ongoing as authorities attempt to determine the shooter’s motivation.

Forensic evidence points to 18-year-old Ismael Cruz-Delcid as the juvenile offender in question. He stands accused of being involved in the tragic shooting death of another Herndon youth.

Delcid, who was last seen dressed entirely in black, is believed to be of Hispanic descent, according to investigators.

As of this writing, officials have not been able to locate the culprit, who allegedly fled in a Honda Civic, according to Fairfax County police. Two warrants, one for second-degree murder and one for felonious firearm use, have been secured for the suspect. A second distribution warrant for cocaine was also obtained by detectives during an earlier drug investigation.

The Major Crimes Bureau can be reached at 703-246-7800 if anyone has any information.

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