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14-year-old Girl Harassed by Teacher who showed her Hickeys; Arrested after Father reported Inappropriate Behaviour in New York City

14-year-old Girl Harassed by Teacher who showed her Hickeys; Arrested after Father reported Inappropriate Behaviour in New York City

A substitute teacher engaged in highly inappropriate behavior with a 14-year-old student, making explicit comments and showing her his hickeys. These disturbing interactions have been reported to the authorities.

A 27-year-old man, Jasskirat Saini, was taken into custody for reportedly engaging in disturbing behavior towards a child at Hillcrest High School for an extended period of time. It is worth noting that Saini had previously faced charges for drawing swastikas on a college campus.

According to a criminal complaint, Saini, 27, allegedly made inappropriate remarks to a student at Hillcrest, expressing intentions to create a lasting impression.

“You are a teacher and it’s inappropriate for you to make such a statement,” the teen replied. According to a criminal complaint, Saini laughed in her face without hesitation.

According to prosecutors, the unsettling interaction is just one example of the questionable behavior that the subreddit has been accused of over a period of six weeks, starting in March.

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According to court papers, Saini repeatedly expressed his desire to have a relationship and engage in sexual activity with the girl, while also inquiring about her perception of his attractiveness.

According to prosecutors, he also made physical contact with her on multiple occasions, including hugging, poking her body, and resting his head on her hand.

In a separate incident, he reportedly displayed the hickeys on his neck, boasting about them to the student and expressing a desire for his girlfriend to be of legal age for a relationship.

Saini insisted that she sit next to him, pushing aside the other students and claiming they were being bothersome, as reported in the complaint.

According to prosecutors, Saini allegedly requested the student’s company outside of school hours, asked for a hair tie as a keepsake, and uncomfortably moved her chair closer to his, resulting in their knees touching.

According to authorities, he covered himself in her perfume with the intention of smelling like her and provoking jealousy in his girlfriend.

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According to officials, he had a strong reaction on Instagram after the girl expressed her desire to distance herself from him.

According to the police, Saini was apprehended at the school on Monday following a complaint filed by the girl’s father.

The individual faced charges related to child endangerment and harassment.

During his arraignment at Queens Criminal Court, he was released without bail and received an order to maintain distance from the girl, according to court records.

Saini, from Plainview, has had previous encounters with the law. In 2016, Saini, a student at Nassau Community College, reportedly vandalized campus buildings by drawing swastikas and writing “KKK” over a span of two months.

According to The Post, he faced 10 counts of felony harassment.

According to officials, Saini had a perception of being targeted by certain individuals within the Jewish community.

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