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13,500 Oxycodone Pills and Over 16 Pounds of Meth Confiscated with 2 Suspects in Custody

13,500 Oxycodone Pills and Over 16 Pounds of Meth Confiscated with 2 Suspects in Custody

Eagan, Minnesota: On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, two persons were detained in the City of Eagan, Minnesota, during the execution of a search warrant, leading to several drug-related felonies.

This arrest was related to the long drug investigation that began in April 2023 and was led by a Southeast Minnesota Violent Crime Enforcement Team member and an Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office detective.

In the end, 17.196 pounds of methamphetamine and 13,500 Oxycodone pills were seized, along with the arrest of Teresa Arellano of Eagan, Minnesota, and Eliseo Romo of St Paul, Minnesota. Both individuals were charged with four distinct felonies.

The detective was able to locate a possible drug dealer at a residence at 2101 Wuthering Heights Road in Eagan, Minnesota. As per the criminal complaint, the detective managed to establish communication between the 49-year-old Eliseo Romo—who allegedly had federal drug conviction charges—and the suspected drug dealer via a cell phone number.

When the detective tracked Romo’s cell phone during the October 2023 investigation, she discovered that he had visited California, Minnesota, Florida, and back to Minnesota multiple times. The criminal complaint states that Romo made two trips to the suspected drug dealer’s Eagan residence.

Once in police custody, Romo and Arellano both provided statements to the authorities. Arellano stated that she had recently moved to the Eagan residence, per the criminal complaint. She also acknowledged going to Florida and Georgia with Romo, and that earlier in the month, she had stayed at a hotel in Jefferson, Georgia. Arellano claimed that she gave Romo a bag of methamphetamine that she had received from another Hispanic man while she was at the hotel.

The charges against them as per the complaints are Felony Aggravated Controlled Substance Crime in the 1st Degree and several others.

The arrested persons are suspected to have a high rank in the drug hierarchy. They are accused of possessing drug paraphernalia and excessive amount of hard drugs such as Cocaine and Meth. They are also accused of having more than the threshold amounts of controlled substances such as Fentanyl and Oxycodone.

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