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13-year-old Special Needs Boy Faced Brutal Sexual Assault in School Bathroom by Another Student in Ohio; Parents Slammed School with Lawsuit

13-year-old Special Needs Boy Faced Brutal Sexual Assault in School Bathroom by Another Student in Ohio; Parents Slammed School with Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against Hamilton Southeastern Schools by the family of a student with special needs, who claims that the student was subjected to a disturbing incident of sexual assault and rape while under the care of the school system.

A lawsuit alleges that a 13-year-old special needs student at a junior high school within Hamilton Southeastern Schools School was subjected to multiple instances of sexual assault and rape in the school bathroom from around August 2023 to January 2024.

In November 2023, the student started experiencing a growing sense of anxiety related to their school environment, as stated in the lawsuit.

The child’s anxiety was accompanied by a series of concerning questions directed at his parents. He inquired about how people contract certain illnesses, such as AIDS, and sought to understand the concept of rape, as well as other inquiries related to sex.

In February 2024, a school counselor informed the student’s parents via email about a concerning situation involving another student. The counselor shared that the other student had been approaching the plaintiff and making inappropriate requests, specifically asking to meet in the bathroom.

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In February, according to the lawsuit, the student mentioned to his father that he was raped in the school bathroom after a meeting with his parents.

A student bravely disclosed to his parents the traumatic experiences he had endured in the school bathroom, where he was subjected to multiple instances of forceful sexual assault by another student who was not in the special needs class. According to reports, another student supposedly warned him against disclosing the incident to anyone.

According to the family, the school failed to take appropriate action by allowing the student responsible for the sexual abuse to remain in the school environment.

According to reports obtained by WRTV News, the school allegedly failed to take the reported sexual abuse seriously and neglected to conduct an investigation.

According to the lawsuit, it was only when the attorneys requested school documents pertaining to the student that they discovered the abuse had been ongoing for more than five months.

The lawsuit claims that the student and his family have experienced significant emotional distress due to the School’s lack of proper supervision of their son.

The family is pursuing compensation that adequately covers their losses.

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