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13-year-old killed 46-year-old Man in San Francisco who worked as a clerk

13-year-old killed 46-year-old Man in San Francisco who worked as a clerk

San Francisco, CA: The identity of the culprit in the murder of a cherished Oakland store clerk earlier this year has come to light.

Allegedly, a juvenile, just thirteen years old, murdered a cherished Oakland store worker.

During an armed robbery in early January, 46-year-old Maged Alazzani was shot and killed while working at Orlando’s Market, a corner store in West Oakland, according to SFGATE. Alazzani was well-known in the community for his assistance to neighbors. The family of Yemeni immigrant Alazzani is reportedly grieving the loss of their husband and four children.

Police arrested a minor they said was involved in the murder in late February and then filed charges against him. Recent reports from the Bay Area News Group have added more specifics to the case, such as the suspect’s young age (13 years old).

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“In recent memory, he is the youngest local murder suspect,” the source reported.

Anyone tried in California under the age of sixteen is not prosecuted as an adult, but rather through the juvenile court system.

According to Bay Area News Group, the teen, who resides in Oakland, has been indicted on charges of attempted robbery and murder. Forty minutes after he allegedly shot Alazzani, he allegedly robbed another convenience store in the East Bay. According to Bay Area News Group, officials are still trying to determine the identity of his male collaborator in both cases.

Despite the lack of charges, authorities have stated that they believe the two were involved in a robbery at the Emeryville Target the day after, as reported by the publication.

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