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13-year-old Died while Protecting Little Sister; Mom and 2 others Charged for Death in South Carolina

13-year-old Died while Protecting Little Sister; Mom and 2 others Charged for Death in South Carolina

A tragic incident claims the life of a young boy due to severe beatings, according to authorities. Two adults, including his mother, are facing charges in relation to his tragic demise.

Authorities have reported that Isaiah Gaymes was transported to a hospital in South Carolina due to blunt-force trauma, as stated by WPDE, WMBF, and WBTW. Isaiah passed away in the early hours of Saturday, May 11.

Ivy Jenerette has been charged with murder and abuse resulting in serious bodily harm to a child, according to records from the Horry County jail. Court records indicate that Samantha Gaymes has been charged with unlawfully placing a child at risk. According to court records, both individuals have submitted applications for a public defender. However, there is currently no information available regarding whether they have entered a plea or not.

According to police reports and arrest warrants, various outlets have reported on the allegations against Jenerette. It is claimed that Isaiah was subjected to severe physical abuse, resulting in multiple broken bones, burns, and disfigurement.

According to reports from various outlets, the police claim to have discovered a piece of wood and a handgun at the scene. Both items were tested for blood and were found to match Isaiah’s injury patterns.

According to Felecia Bellamy, a counselor at Isaiah’s school, Isaiah always made sure to watch over his younger sister.

She mentioned that despite not receiving protection, he dedicated a significant amount of time to ensuring his sister’s safety.

The obituary describes Isaiah as having a remarkable talent for drawing, using colors and lines to bring his imagination to life. His artistic creations were a testament to his remarkable talent for bringing images to life on paper, effortlessly expressing his thoughts, emotions, and dreams.

The obituary continues, praising Isaiah’s artistic talent and highlighting his kind and compassionate nature. His art served as a way to establish connections with others, frequently crafting considerate and customized pieces for friends and loved ones. His creations were a true testament to his kind and compassionate nature, showcasing the love that radiated from his heart.

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