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12-year-old Tricked by Killers for Directions who later Kidnapped Her and Stripped her Naked before Killing and Dumping her Body in Creek: Texas Prosecutors

12-year-old Tricked by Killers for Directions who later Kidnapped Her and Stripped her Naked before Killing and Dumping her Body in Creek: Texas Prosecutors

Prosecutors have revealed the horrifying details of a young girl’s abduction and murder. According to reports, two individuals lured the 12-year-old to a bridge, where they subjected her to a harrowing ordeal.

They stripped off her pants, bound her for an agonizing two hours, and ultimately ended her life by strangulation. The perpetrators callously left her lifeless body in a shallow creek. This shocking crime has left the community in mourning and seeking justice for the innocent victim.

Two individuals, Franklin Jose Peña Ramos and Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, were apprehended by Houston police last week in connection with the tragic passing of Jocelyn Nungaray. They have been accused of committing a heinous crime, facing charges of capital murder involving a victim between the ages of 10 and 15.

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During a press conference, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg provided an update on the ongoing investigation into the case involving Peña Ramos and Martinez. The investigators are currently working to establish whether the men are responsible for the kidnapping and sexual assault of Jocelyn. This crucial information will determine whether prosecutors can pursue the death penalty against them.

“She definitely made people laugh,” victim’s mother said, fighting back tears. “I’m always going to remember her memories because she had such a bright future ahead of her. I knew she was going to go very far and these monsters took that opportunity from her and from our family of watching her.”

Peña Ramos’ bond was set at a staggering $10 million by the judge. According to prosecutors, he arrived in the Houston area in mid-May. Martinez’s bond will be set on Tuesday. According to reports, both individuals are said to be undocumented immigrants from Venezuela.

In a previous report by Law&Crime, it was mentioned that the investigation was initiated at approximately 6:15 a.m. on June 17. During this time, law enforcement discovered Jocelyn’s body in a bayou near 400 West Rankin Road.

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The cause of death was determined to be strangulation, according to the autopsy. Last week, Houston Mayor John Whitmire informed reporters that she had also experienced a sexual assault. However, investigators are currently working to verify this information. A shocking crime sparked an intense search for the individual(s) accountable.

According to detectives, it was discovered through interviews and surveillance videos that Jocelyn had left her apartment late on June 16 to spend time with her 13-year-old boyfriend.

According to prosecutors, the individuals approached Jocelyn for directions at a 7-Eleven store and subsequently brought her to the bridge on Rankin Road, where they committed the heinous act of taking her life.

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