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12-Year-Old Shot Dead by Mom’s Ex-boyfriend in Texas; Brave Boy Died while protecting his Sisters

12-Year-Old Shot Dead by Mom’s Ex-boyfriend in Texas; Brave Boy Died while protecting his Sisters

Houston, TX: The 12-year-old Carlos Fernandez was fatally murdered in his Houston area residence on March 4, 2024. The man wanted for murder is Terry Rivera, his mom’s ex-boyfriend (inset). At a news conference, Delfino Gonzales, Carlos’ uncle, represented the family and asked anyone with knowledge on Rivera to contact the authorities. (Office of the Sheriff of Harris County)

Many are hailing a 12-year-old child as a hero for defending his family from the suspected shooting death of his mother’s ex-boyfriend.

The death of Carlos Fernandez on March 4 prompted the issuance of a capital murder warrant, and the 27-year-old suspect, Terry Bryan Rivera, is currently being sought by police in Harris County, Texas.

The mother of Rivera, Alva Cornejo, 51 years old, was arrested on Sunday by deputies for the crime of impeding apprehension or prosecution, according to Ed Gonzalez, the sheriff of Harris County.

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A shooting incident at 13921 Alderson, close to the intersection of Woodforest and Uvalde in Cloverleaf, prompted deputies to react at approximately 3 a.m. on March 4. In the apartment, they discovered Carlos lifeless, having been shot. Paramedics later confirmed his death. The gray pickup truck that Rivera allegedly fled in has been found.

An affidavit of probable cause states that Carlos’ mother, Ashley Rostro, informed investigators that she was in the bedroom with her partner when she heard the sound of someone opening the window and identified it as the voice of Rivera, who allegedly said “yeah, what’s up, what’s up” before opening fire. According to Gonzalez, Carlos heard some yelling and went outside to see what was going on when shots rang out. Carlos was shot multiple times, injuring his arm and chest.

About three days before to the murder, deputies were summoned to the residence for a disturbance involving Rivera, according to Sheriff Gonzalez. Allegedly, Rivera threatened to shoot a car, attacked Rostro, and then ran away.

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The firearm, which had been seized by the police in December 2023, was allegedly returned to Rivera after he “forced his way” into the flat, according to detectives. Gonzalez, however, stated that prosecutors informed deputies that the evidence did not warrant an arrest.

She pleaded with the sheriff’s office to seek charges against Rivera, according to Rostro. It was crystal clear to her who had fired the fatal rounds.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit (713-274-9100) and Crime Stoppers of Houston (713-222-TIPS) are asking anyone with information regarding this case to come forward.

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