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12-year-old Girl Found Dead in Houston; Family Devastated after Body found Floating in Water

12-year-old Girl Found Dead in Houston; Family Devastated after Body found Floating in Water

Authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the discovery of a young girl’s body in a creek located in north Houston.

A tragic discovery was made in Houston as authorities found the lifeless body of a young girl in a creek at 400 W. Rankin Road early Monday morning.

“It is our belief that someone committed this terrible act against her,” stated Larry Satterwhite, the acting chief of police. I have spoken with the mother of this child. Naturally, she is heartbroken. Her family is in a state of deep sorrow. Her daughter has disappeared.

Investigators discovered that the girl departed from her residence at some point after 10 p.m. on Sunday evening. According to the police, the family was unaware of her departure from their residence and did not file a missing person’s report.

On Monday morning, a concerned individual dialed 911 to report the discovery of a child’s body in the water. The HPD Dive Team swiftly responded and successfully recovered her body.

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Whenever a body is discovered in a waterway, we will immediately request the assistance of the dive team. According to homicide Lt. Stephen Hope, the experts were able to effectively search the shallow water and ensure that not only the body, but any other evidence in the waterway was discovered.

According to authorities, the apartment of her family was just a short distance away from the spot where her body was discovered.

Investigators have managed to obtain a portion of the surveillance footage, but they are currently in the process of gathering additional details regarding the incident.

The cause of her death has not been disclosed.

“The discovery of a 12-year-old in a waterway near her residence raises significant suspicions,” commented Lt. Hope.

The individual stated that they are unsure if she was able to enter a vehicle and declined to provide further details regarding the state in which her body was discovered. Authorities are currently examining whether there was any form of communication involved.

“We are currently investigating the available communications and gathering any additional information related to the matter,” stated Lt. Hope.

Mayor John Whitmire, along with Satterwhite and investigators, held a news conference on Monday evening, seeking the community’s assistance and support for the girl’s family as per Click2Houston.

“The city is making every effort to apprehend the person responsible for this terrible act,” stated the mayor. “It’s an unimaginable nightmare for a family.”

An autopsy will be conducted by the Harris County Medical Examiner to confirm the identity and determine the cause of death of the girl.

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