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12-year-old Daughter and Mother Raped at Gunpoint in Indiana; Suspect Arrested after Cops Identified Man Using Tattoo: Authorities

12-year-old Daughter and Mother Raped at Gunpoint in Indiana; Suspect Arrested after Cops Identified Man Using Tattoo: Authorities

A man has been apprehended for allegedly unlawfully entering a residence on the west side of Indianapolis and committing a heinous act of sexual assault against a mother and her daughter, all while documenting the horrifying incident on his mobile device.

Based on court documents filed on Sunday in Marion County, it has been reported that a 21-year-old named Teshon Gardner is facing preliminary charges of two counts of rape. These charges, classified as Level 1 felonies, are in connection to an incident that occurred at a residence on S. Worth Avenue on Saturday.

On Saturday, at approximately 12:45 p.m., officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded to a report of a recent rape. Upon the arrival of officers, a woman recounted a distressing incident where she and her 12-year-old daughter were subjected to a horrifying act of violence inside their own home.

A woman informed the authorities that she had just returned home from a tire shop when she heard a knock on her front door. Upon opening the door, the woman was confronted by a distressing scene. A man, donning an American Flag mask, brandished a handgun and demanded entry.

According to reports, a disturbing incident occurred when an individual entered a residence and committed a heinous act against a woman on the couch and floor. While glancing at family photos hanging on the wall, the man inquired if there were any other occupants in the house, according to the documents. The woman informed the man that there were no other individuals present.

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The man ceased his assault and proceeded down the hallway where the woman’s children were peacefully sleeping. According to the documents, the man instructed the woman to bring one of her children and return to the living room.

Following the incident, the man allegedly committed multiple acts of sexual assault against both the woman and a 12-year-old child. A woman reported to the police that a man, who was later identified as Gardner, visited her residence from approximately 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The woman proceeded to provide the police with a detailed description of the man, including a tattoo that was difficult to interpret and started with the letter ‘M.’ Additionally, she mentioned that Gardner allegedly recorded the incidents of rape using his cell phone.

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Based on the description and footage from nearby cameras, law enforcement successfully located a blue Ford F-150 associated with Gardner at a residence on W. 28th Street. Gardner was apprehended by the police during a routine traffic stop on W. 30th Street and Annette Street.

During an interview with the police, Gardner stated that he was the sole driver of the truck that day and mentioned that he spent the majority of the day simply driving around. According to the documents obtained by Fox-59, he firmly denied engaging in any sexual contact or committing any sexual assault on that particular day.

According to reports, when questioned about his tattoo, Gardner willingly displayed the ink on the left side of his torso, which featured the word “Motown”. Gardner was unable to provide any explanation regarding how the victims in the case would have been aware of the tattoo.

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