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12-year-old accidentally ate Weed candies in School and ended up in Hospital in Lansing

12-year-old accidentally ate Weed candies in School and ended up in Hospital in Lansing

Lansing, MI: A 12-year-old girl accidentally ate weed candies that her friend offered her. After ingesting several candies, she got high and ended up in a hospital in Lansing.

The father of the child said that the daughter did not know that they were weed candies.

Her grandma called her grandson, Dennis Patrick, to tell him he needed to get to the emergency room; he was at work on Thursday, March 21, according to Patrick

Patrick admitted that he had no clue as to his destination and had simply begun to pray for his child’s safety.

When he got there, his daughter confessed to eating six cannabis gummies by mistake, thinking they were candy. Her classmate had given them to her. The whole thing was terrifying. To this day, Patrick still considers it the most terrifying experience of his life.

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Even though his daughter was in the hospital, Patrick couldn’t help but feel upset seeing her high on weed gummies. “She was feeling very strange. Sobbing uncontrollably, she couldn’t even muster a tearful expression. There were no expressions other than tears, Patrick remarked.

Like his daughter, Patrick presumably thought the student who gave his daughter the pot thought it was sweets. This, he explained, is why parents should be so vigilant about checking their children’s school supplies.

Another great thing he stated parents should do is to make sure their children can’t get to cannabis. In the event that you partake in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, edibles, or cannabis. Patrick warned that children should not have access to anything that could be dangerous if left unattended.

The principal rode in the ambulance with Patrick’s child that day, and Patrick was informed that the school administration would look into the situation; he was happy about that.

While 6 News did contact Lansing Schools, they are currently unavailable to comment. Classes are on recess for spring.

An investigation is not underway and no report has been lodged, according to the Lansing Police Department. A medical issue necessitated the dispatch of an ambulance to the school that day, as 6 News can reveal.

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