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11-year-old Called Mom to Tell His Hiding Spot when The House was on Fire: Rescued by Firefighters in Pennsylvania

11-year-old Called Mom to Tell His Hiding Spot when The House was on Fire: Rescued by Firefighters in Pennsylvania

According to fire officials, the child was discovered in a small storage closet area on the third floor, while the fire was still burning. Fortunately, the child was conscious and alert.

A brave 11-year-old boy managed to escape a house fire by reaching out to his mother through a phone call from inside the blazing structure.

Firefighters swiftly arrived at 18 Leslie Street in Ingram after receiving reports of a fire around 10:45 p.m. local time on July 1. Upon arrival, they encountered thick smoke on the third floor of the building, as stated in a news release by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire.

A woman at the scene informed the crews that her son was trapped on the third floor of the residence where the fire was burning.

According to fire officials, the young boy contacted his mother via cellphone and informed her that he was currently situated in a confined space on the third floor.

According to ABC affiliate WTAE, Pittsburgh Fire Chief Darryl Jones explained that the child accidentally found himself trapped in a cupboard when the door closed behind him.

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According to the official statement, Pittsburgh Fire Battalion Chief Becker requested the mother to have her child yell so that firefighters could hear him. However, she declined to do so.

Becker requested that the woman encourage the child to make noise by banging on the wall, in order to alert the firefighters.

“Once the crews were familiar with the location, they immediately headed there,” Jones explained.

After an extensive search, the child was discovered by members of the 31-Engine. Thankfully, the child was found conscious and alert in a small storage closet area on the third floor. Pittsburgh fire officials successfully rescued the child.

“My team was extremely enthusiastic,” Jones stated. I am incredibly proud of their dedication and effort. They have worked tirelessly and trained rigorously, and it is truly gratifying to see their hard work pay off with a positive outcome. Unfortunately, success is not always guaranteed, so it is especially rewarding when it is achieved.

According to WTAE, Jones reported that the boy was taken to a nearby hospital. The child’s medical condition is still uncertain.

In addition, the fire chief took the chance to emphasize the importance of evacuating the building during a fire instead of seeking shelter.

“We don’t want kids to run and hide, because they all have their secret hiding spots inside their houses,” Jones explained. “We want you to get out of the building.”

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