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11-year-old Attacked by Repeat Offender in New York, Slashed Head Using a Boxcutter

11-year-old Attacked by Repeat Offender in New York, Slashed Head Using a Boxcutter

Police intervened to stop a group of residents in Harlem from assaulting an individual accused of brutally injuring an 11-year-old girl in Manhattan. The incident has left the young girl traumatised and fearful of venturing outdoors, according to her distressed mother.

A 30-year-old man, Shaquan Cummings, reportedly targeted a girl after arriving at the 116th Street 6 subway platform at around 2:15 p.m. This incident occurred shortly after he allegedly assaulted a 43-year-old woman on the street corner, as per sources.

According to sources, a person with a history of criminal activity attacked a young child on a downtown platform, causing injuries to her head and ear while she was holding her mother’s hand.

A child experienced a disturbing incident when she felt an object on the back of her head. Upon her mother’s attention, they both caught sight of an unexpected item before the suspect swiftly disappeared into the tube, according to sources.

The mother displayed immense courage as she attempted to apprehend her daughter’s assailant, going so far as to flag down a train conductor in an effort to prevent their escape. Unfortunately, the Cummings were able to elude capture, as the mother vividly remembered.

According to a UPS worker, the young victim appeared to be frightened and in tears as she received medical attention near a juice bar.

The girl has undergone surgery that required multiple stitches and staples to fix the gash, but her mother says the emotional scars still linger.

Police eventually located Cummings just one block away, returning to the location where he reportedly assaulted his initial victim earlier in the day.

Authorities have apprehended Cummings, who reportedly has a lengthy criminal record with over 20 prior arrests for offences such as assault, criminal mischief, and fare evasion.

Cummings was arrested again just two months prior. Law enforcement insiders report that he was given a desk appearance for an assault charge.

He was charged on Friday night with two counts of assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child.

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