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11-month-old Starved to Death by Parents in Ohio; Parents Arrested by Authorities after Tragic Demise

11-month-old Starved to Death by Parents in Ohio; Parents Arrested by Authorities after Tragic Demise

A couple from Northeast Ohio is facing charges in connection with the tragic death of their 11-month-old child. It is alleged that they neglected to provide proper nourishment and care for the baby.

On June 25, officers from the Canton Police Department, along with the Canton Fire Department, responded to a distressing situation in the 1600 block of 10th St. NE. They discovered a baby who was not breathing. Tragically, the child was brought to Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital, where he ultimately passed away.

A couple was taken into custody by authorities on charges of permitting child abuse and child endangerment, according to records from Canton Municipal Court. Singleton is also being charged with domestic violence.

Another child, aged 1, was discovered in the residence and taken into protective custody.

According to the criminal complaint, Singleton entrusted the 11-month-old baby to Rush, which went against a Child Protective Services agreement.

Police reported that Rush remained calm and expressed a desire to continue playing Xbox during the incident.

The complaint also mentions the presence of two loaded firearms that were easily accessible to children in Rush’s home.

According to the complaint, Rush and Singleton allegedly intentionally withheld nutrition from the baby for a period of time.

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During a conversation that police had with Singleton at the hospital, they discovered that the child’s health had been deteriorating over the past few months. The child was experiencing difficulty keeping food down, which caused concern for his weight.

The mother acknowledged that, despite her worries, she had failed to seek medical assistance as reported by Cleveland19 News.

Upon investigation, it was found that the home had no food except for rice cereal. Singleton mentioned that she had run out of formula and had resorted to feeding the child cereal mixed with water for the past few days.

The duo was arraigned by a judge on Thursday, June 27. Both parents have been granted a $1 million bond each.

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