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10-year-old Brutally Molested by School Counselor in Connecticut; Perpetrator Arrested after Several Students Reported Inappropriate Touching

10-year-old Brutally Molested by School Counselor in Connecticut; Perpetrator Arrested after Several Students Reported Inappropriate Touching

A young girl, who is under the age of 10, bravely came forward to report an incident of inappropriate touching by a local man in his twenties. This courageous act led to the identification of several other victims, as stated in the arrest warrants filed by the police.

Connecticut State Police have reported the arrest of Anthony Mastrangelo on Tuesday. He has been charged with multiple serious offenses, including risk of injury to a minor, sexual assault, and illegal sexual contact with a victim under 16.

In a recent incident, a young victim bravely reported to her parents about a distressing incident involving Mastrangelo. The authorities were promptly informed on December 22, 2022, leading to further investigation. Troopers were informed that Mastrangelo had been employed by the Bethany Parks and Recreation as an after-school counselor. The victim was a participant in the program where Mastrangelo was employed.

According to the warrant, the first victim provided information about three other potential victims, leading law enforcement to reach out to their parents. According to reports, the troopers requested that parents have a conversation with their children to inquire about any potentially inappropriate incidents involving Mastrangelo.

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According to multiple warrants, the victims have reported that Mastrangelo allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior by placing his hand down their pants. According to reports, it was revealed that a few of the victims had witnessed an incident where Mastrangelo inappropriately touched another individual at the after-school program.

Bethany Superintendent of Schools Kai Byrd stated that Mastrangelo had various roles at Bethany Community School, including volunteering, occasionally substituting as a teacher, and interning. According to her, once the district received a notification about a potential report to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families regarding Mastrangelo, they promptly placed him on leave.

According to Byrd, Matrangelo has not been employed in the district since December 2022 and will not be coming back.

According to the warrant, the fifth alleged victim reported that Mastrangelo touched her inappropriately while her sibling was in a different room. He would also offer to scratch or rub her back before each assault.

According to the warrants cited by TrumbullTimes, troopers made several attempts to reach out to Mastrangelo, but unfortunately, he did not answer their calls. Mastrangelo also acquired legal representation during the investigation, and the attorney’s office informed troopers that Mastrangelo would not be providing any statements, as stated in the warrants. According to the warrants, Mastrangelo’s lawyer’s office stated that he could be reached through them.

Mastrangelo was released on a $500,000 bond and is set to appear in New Haven Superior Court on July 12, according to state police.

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